Due to a medical condition I suffer from very embarrassing facial hair. It's not the typical peach fuzz most women deal with but dark, coarse facial hair more like a man's facial hair. I've tried creams, shaving, waxing, plucking, etc & nothing gets rid of it. The only thing I haven't tried yet is professional laser hair removal because I can't afford it. I've always wondered about these home devices but many do say they are not for use on the face. I'm wondering if the me smooth Hair Removal Device is approved for use on the face & if so, is it only good on lighter, peach-fuzz type hair or will it work on coarse hair more like a man's beard?
Caledonia, WI - il y a 6 ans

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I actually have the same issue with facial hair well hair in general. I have been looking around for a machine i could do at home and not pay an arm and a leg. Thru my research the Me smooth el9s was the only at home hair removal machine/product that FDA approved. So i got a great deal on one and couldnt wait to get it home and get rid of all the facial hair. As i read the pamplet first they say that you have to shave, pluck, wax, etc before use but recommend the epilady attatchment. So as the epilady rips the hair out it gets zapped right away. I waited til i received the epilady attatchment cuz i was going to do it right. When i finally used it the first time i was in a bit of pain (from epily) but it gets easier the more you use. I have used this on my face, arms, and armpits. I had to shave atleast once every 12-18 hours due to my syndrome but since i started using the Me elos i only have to shave every 3 days. And ive only started about 5 days ago. They say u can use it on face every other day (grows faster on face) and on body 1 to 2 times a week and you should notice a big difference 7 weeks. Good luck everyone and i. Re review after the 7 weeks.
il y a 5 ans
The Me Smooth machine is supposed to be one of the only systems that actually does work on all types of hair: light, dark, coarse, fine, etc. The only thing that I'd recommend if you're going to use it on coarse dark hair, is that you'll probably have to be very diligent using the machine on a regular basis and often until you see the results you want.
il y a 6 ans