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Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink™ Liquid Lipstick
21 varieties available

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink™ Liquid Lipstick

BY MAYBELLINE #29 in Lipstick

4.4 out of 5 stars
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4.42 / 5 based on 9,525 Reviews

Product Description

Intensely perfect, perfectly intense. Ink your lips in up to 16 HR saturated liquid matte.

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  • Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink™ Liquid Lipstick4 Answers
  • Kiss proof? Smudge proof?28 Answers
  • Which color that shows a natural look? I have a fair skin.2 Answers
Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink™ Liquid Lipstick
Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink™ Liquid Lipstick
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Jade M.
3 reviews
Badge Icon
Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 2
Review for: Pioneer, Lover
Great pigment in Pioneer(20), applied easily. Didn't even need two coats, but I put a light second coat to give it a fair chance. 
Wand shape was initially pretty weird to me, but it actually works really good to follow the contours of my mouth without getting the product all over the places I don't want it.
Drying took longer than 3 minutes, as the directions say 3 minutes for drying time. While drying down the lipsticks were still very comfortable, moisture wise. However, I took a total of 10 minutes for it to dry down completely, but even then it still didn't have the "true matte" finish that's promised. While drying, the product was definitely sticky. Not goopy or runny, but if my lips touched each other while drying, they did stick together pretty good. Enough for me to exert a good effort when opening my mouth to get them unstuck. 
After a blot test on the back of my hand, there is obvious evidence that even with 10 minutes of drying time allotted, they were still sticky and very transferrable. That is an issue for me, since this product is advertised as a "true matte" in finish and it's meant to last for up to 16 hours. Also, upon drying down "completely" ( I use the term loosely, since they didn't actually dry down all the way) my lips were still sticking together and the outer lines of the product were feathering out onto my skin(let it be known, I don't overline my lips, so the fact it was still feathering was concerning to me). Lastly, the inner layer of product, closest to the water line of my lips, the product was wearing off within minutes of being "dried down", forming those pesky crumbles and strings of lipstick everybody hates. 
Drinking with this lipstick is a problem because of how transferable it is, even though it's supposed to be a true matte. Any liquid that may touch it, activates the lipstick again and makes it want to run and smudge. When you take your lips away from your straw or drink, CRUMBLES GALORE. 
After a few hours of having the product on, I did a second blot test before taking it off. It wasn't nearly as transferable as the first blot, but there were way more crumbles and still a  faint but obvious outline of my full lips. On the smudge rest of the two colors, there is obvious smudging from a light rub of my finger, but the lighter shade (Lover 15) was more resilient to any rubbing than the red. When removing, it was more difficult than I thought it would be. I removed with an all in one micellar cleansing water wash(removed waterproof makeup too). I had to SCRUB to get these off of my lips and my hand and wrist. So props for staying power, just not on transfer.

So while this product is VERY pigmented, doesn't dry out your lips, and is super easy to apply, I don't think it should be being marketed as a true matte finish that lasts up to 16 hours. Maybe a semi-matte and let it be known it's not transfer resistant. I love the two colors I was sent, but since I personally prefer a true matte lip finish and a non-transferable product, This product  is a no for me, but I'm very thankful for the opportunity to be one of the people to try it out before it hits stores!  Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink™ Liquid Lipstick
Typical R.
Roseville, MI
18 reviews
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Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 2
Review for: Romantic, Pioneer, Creator
I really like this liquid lipstick. Not in LOVE with it, but it does its job. It last for what seems like forever. It doesn't smudge or bleed, and it is very beautifully pigmented. One of the problems I had with it was taking it off. The products I use to remove my makeup did not work when I tried to take this product off. I had to do a lot of scrubbing, which resulted in my lips being swollen and bloody. My lips eventually formed scabs. But I guess that's my fault. But I did try 4 different removal methods that did not work for me. Another problem was that when it dries, it makes my lips feel a little dry. I have to pack on my best chapstick before using this product. Other than that, this product works perfectly. It lasts all day long, so I don't usually have to reapply throughout the day, it doesn't move from my lips, and it's very pigmented. I would definitely recommend this product.
Gina G.
2 reviews
Review for: Creator
OH MY GOSH!!! Where do I even begin???

I am completely and utterly IN LOVE with this product! I almost have all of the colors. I am just in love.

As far as the pricing is concerned, I feel they're about average, but let me tell you-- even if they were a few dollars more, I would STILL purchase them. I actually used a manufactures coupon on my recent purchase of 4 of them (lol), so that helped.

All of the colors offered by Maybelline are BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't believe how long they stood on. This is definitely a product you don't have to apply more than once. I mean, this STAYS ON! My most recent wear stood on after a huge buffet dinner I ate all the way though to the following morning. It's just amazing.

Application is smooth and simple and the brush holds extra product in the center. The consistency is lovely and light, exactly how I like it with matte lip products. They smell pretty great also.

The product is in a long rectangular barrel kind of shape, which is cool. (I don't like when lip products come in short and stocky packaging. I also find them easier to lose for some reason). I love the fact that it has that little click you feel at the end of closing the lip color letting you know the product is completely closed.

If you're someone who gets upset when your lip color ACTUALLY LASTS, I would definitely prepare myself when it comes to wearing this one because you may even have issues removing it. (I managed to take mine off with some baby oil and a soft paper towel. I actually heard Maybelline made something to remove this type lip color, so when I'm completely sure, I definitely plan on trying it out and seeing how it works).

In the photo attached I am wearing #35 which is Creator. I hope to get every single color soon. That is how much I LOVE THEM!!!
Mimi N.
8 reviews
Review for: Lover
This liquid lipstick is AMAZING. As with many people, I really don't like the "butt-hole" mouth look that you usually get with many liquid lippies. This one is completely life changing for me... seriously. You only need one coat since it's very pigmented, and it dries pretty fast. I saw that someone in a previous review mentioned putting on two coats and I really think that changes how the product works. With any liq. lippy, you really don't want to put on more than one layer, otherwise you'd be making the product thicker, which makes it take longer to dry and thus less transfer-proof. One thin layer is all you need for this and it dries down almost like a seal.

It does NOT budge, transfer, or crack. It's also like rubber, but a very comfortable rubber. It's not drying at all and lasted me way longer than 12 hours! My days start early and end late, so imagine my surprise when I ate a ton of greasy foods and came back home with my lipstick still looking bomb!

It does have a bit of stickiness to it though; however, it's not the kind where pigment from the bottom lip will get stuck on the top lip. It's just tacky, but nothing moves. Unless that's a major peeve of yours (and you smack you lips together a long), this lipstick is so worth it in my eyes! I just wish that came out with more unique colors. The current ones, including the new ones, kind of all stick to the same color range that Maybelline usually has: reds, lighter cool pinks, cool nudes, etc. 

Overall, I think this is by far the best drugstore formula I've tried for liquid lipsticks! No more "butthole" mouth for me! I'm just waiting for more colors (those that aren't so cool toned)!
Suzanne M.
Renton, WA
126 reviews
Badge Icon
Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 2
Review for: Lover
Feels fairly comfortable on the lip. I can feel that it is there but not uncomfortably dry. Around 6hr to 9hr mark it started to feel drying on the lips and started to crack a bit. Stickiness is minimal. It was sticky at first then after an hour the stickiness went away and was comfortable. By the end of the day my lips felt dry and was in need of a good moisturizing. You will notice in the pictures  in my blog exploringmakeupinmy40s that there is a little bit of wrinkles starting to show during the day. All in all not to bad in performance.

This product and shade performed really well. I am blown away by how it looked even at the 9hour mark. A little in the middle of the lip started to pull away around the 6 hr but not bad enough to make me feel self conscious. After my sweaty workout at the 12 hour mark it was fading pretty well. Did it meet the 16 hour claim? No. I do think it could though if one is careful about what they eat or do during the day! Definitely a keeper! And the price tag makes it pretty affordable.
Britt M.
344 reviews
Badge Icon
Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 4
I bought this in the shade Escapist because when I tested this out at Ulta against Urban Decay’s Blackmail lipstick I could tell this was a 100% color dupe. The formula of this lipstick confused me a little bit at first. When I first applied this it seemed a little rubbery, but then it dried down, but it was never 100% matte, but it was definitely more matte than shiny, which I wasn’t bothered by, it still looked good. I did have to go over my lips a couple of times, because this lipstick is almost black (it’s a super deep purple) and I could see streaks on my lips, but layering over the first layer of lipstick didn’t disturb the lipstick that had already dried and set in my lips which was great. After 2-3 coats (and me just in general being a perfectionist, I had a 100% opaque super deep purple pout. I had read many reviews saying how this stuff doesn’t budge and I can back that up 500%. Despite the lipstick still looking wet to my eyes, this lipstick didn’t transfer, not matter what I did. Removing this was actually very difficult! I needed to use an oil and an oil cleaning balm, and I had to scrub to get this stuff off. This lasts longer than Kat Von D and any of the other liquid lipstick brands. Just goes to show you that the price doesn’t dictate the quality. This lipstick was super comfortable to wear, and almost felt like vinyl on my lips, in the sense that I could move my lips and face, and this lipstick moved with me, and didn’t feather or crack if I moved my mouth a ton. I feel like liquid vinyl lip would’ve been a great name for these lipsticks! They’re releasing more shades, and I can’t wait to purchase more!
Christina D.
Plano, TX
227 reviews
Badge Icon
Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 4
Review for: Voyager
One of the best liquid lipstick formulas out here to date! It's probably my favorite formula I have tried, and I've tried from drugstore range (colorpop and wet n wild etc.) to high end range (Smashbox, Stila, Kat Von D, etc.). This product is super long lasting, very pigmented, not streaky or patchy, opaque in one swipe, absolutely gorgeous, and does not crust up around the inner part of the mouth. I would highly recommend buying the remover to take off the lipsticks. I was stubborn for about 3 weeks just using avocado oil to take off the lipstick, which was still a struggle. It's a lot easier to refresh the lipstick during the day if you carry the remover because it's simple and quick to take off the product and then you can add a fresh layer on.
Keyshia C.
New York
354 reviews
Badge Icon
Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 4
Review for: Romantic
Just another dupe! This product applied great, though the wand doesn't appear to work as intended. One coat and I was done! Well, until I drank from my water bottle and wine glass. Lipstick marks everywhere, and it transferred to my teeth. EMBARRASSING! It's a strange formula that definitely is long wearing but it dries tacky and one shade is more garish than the next. The colors look flattering but once applied they look fake and very strange - maybe it's just me. Maybe a metallic fleck would help but I think these colors are all wrong and very odd looking. Yes, it does have good staying power, but that's about it. It isn't matte (looks more glossy on the lips) and the application is really difficult and messy because the formula is incredibly sticky and thick. Not really opaque on the first coat and it bunches up in certain areas because of its glue/nail polish like consistency. Really sad because the color is gorgeous and the product is cheap. Cost is great, but I'll stick with the original long-lasting lip color for a little more money. I would not recommend these to anyone.  
Jeneca L.
70 reviews
Badge Icon
Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 1
Review for: Lover
So I thought about giving it 4 stars because it's not really matte but honestly thos product came threw so hard I just had to give it up.. it stays and stays and I ate a steak with buttered Brussels and stayed and stayed . It is tacky them gurus weren't lying buy it is transfer proof . I like that I can small my lips together . It does sort of bunch up were the wet membrane in your lip is but it is easily smoothed out and with the color j chose u can barley see it. It's easy to fall aasleep with this still on but please I warn you.  If u don't want dry lips remove this before bed and use a lip balm like heavy duty. I really like the color selection and can't wait for more. I'm very interested on how it holds up in the cold weather . So this product is . Kiss proof . Eat proof . Sleep proof . And wears for about a solid 4 hours before noticing the bunch again not nearly as bad as other. In recommend this to everyone that wants a lip to stay to put all day and fade nicely .
Jill S.
5 reviews
Review for: Dreamer, Creator
I usually don't love matte liquid lip cremes. They usually feel drying and they do end up transferring. I heard great things about these and a friend recommended them to me. At first I couldn't find any in a couple of stores they were sold out of 2 stores. I finally found them at Wal-Mart for a great price $7.94 I purchased the colors Dreamer a light beautiful pink and Creator a bold purple. I am truly in love with this product! Especially Dreamer the pink color. At first they feel sticky and within minutes of applying even though they may feel sticky or a bit wet, they DO NOT TRANSFER!!! I can drink 10 min after I apply and it doesn't transfer or budge. I've eaten and didn't have to touch it up. Only when I eat oily food does it start to break down in the middle. Its the only matte liquid lip that I know of that can be touched up without becoming a crumbling mess. It lasts for hours and hours before it starts to look a bit rough. Basically all day, an 8 hour shift and it still looked good! Has an awesome candy like smell, but not too heavy its a pleasant scent. Its not heavy ir drying on the lips, it does feel sticky for quite a while at first but its not uncomfortable at all. The best part is it's so easy to apply. Highly recommended
Melissa B.
911 reviews
Badge Icon
Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 5
Kiss proof? Smudge proof?
Cicely W.
Sanford , NC
68 reviews
Does this product dry your lips out?
6 reviews
Badge Icon
Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 3
Do they dry matte completely?
Jada N.
41 reviews
Badge Icon
Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 1
So I play clarinet and I practice a lot but I also love to wear makeup. So I am on the hunt for a lipstick that I can play and not have any lipstick rub onto my reed. Would this work?
Alexis R.
103 reviews
Badge Icon
Beauty Junkie Expert
Level 2
Are they pigmented long lasting colors ?

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