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Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue Mascara

Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue Mascara

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#22 in Mascara
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Maybelline Face and Eye Cosmetics Buy 1 Get 1 50% off.

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Back by popular demand, Great Lash Royal Blue gives your lashes a subtle pop of color that is universally flattering for all eyes.This cult-classic mascara is a wearable shade that conditions lashes and spices up your everyday eye look with a pretty blue hue. See for yourself why we had to bring it back! 

Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue Mascara
Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue Mascara
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Anggy G.
Anggy G.
Medley, Florida

147 reviews

I'm holding off on a 5-star rating, because I've only just purchased a tube of Great Lash in Royal Blue and tried it out today. However, upon first impression, I really like it and feel like I should share my thoughts. I started off with low expectations because of a few things: 1) not many Youtubers or makeup bloggers talk about this product 2) Royal Blue seems to be a different blue from the limited edition colored Great Lash mascara (2 years ago I think)--from pics online, that one seems like a bright, electric blue 3) people generally seem to be disappointed in colored mascaras, because it doesn't show up 4) Great Lash was my gateway mascara to the world of makeup, and I didn't even like it back then...

That being said, this formula seems improved from the runny Great Lash I tried for what seems a million years ago. Actually, I think the tube I got was quite dry--which was okay by me, because upon seeing the brilliant blue in the bottle, I didn't want to end up depositing too much product on my lashes. The wand is kind of small, but it did the trick for separating my lashes. I have black hair and dark lashes, so at first, it seemed like any old black mascara upon application. But when I turned my head to the side in the natural light, I noticed my lashes were a subtle blue. I wanted some impact/color, but I actually decided I like the subtlety better, because I can wear it daily pretty much anywhere. It's not a neon blue that would jump out at you but be normal only at a rave or Coachella or something haha...it's totally wearable, but gives your makeup a little bit of intrigue in brighter lighting. Although the color looks nice, I don't think it does anything particularly special for my dark brown eyes/ make the whites of my eyes brighter---idk some people may choose color mascara for enhancing purposes.

The product itself doesn't volumize, maybe lengthens a teeny bit, but it holds my curl pretty well--which is good. They don't have the Royal Blue at every drugstore, but I got mine at target for $5 and some change. It was either this or the colored NYX mascaras.
Karen P.
Karen P.
Lexington, KY

373 reviews

 Influncster rencently sent the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Royal Blue to me for free in a VoxBox for testing. I was really happy to find out that I was receiving this Mascara. I actually had been wanting to try a blue mascara
and was about to go purchase one, so it was certainly convenient timing. It arrived it super cute packaging. It was
certainly the cutest packaging out of all of the voxboxes I have ever had. And seriously, who isn't a sucker for cute
packaging?I will say up front that overall I just don't think this product works for me. That's not saying its a bad product or
that it won't work for someone else, but it didn't work well for me. It did have some good points, but they were outweighed
by the bad.
Here is what I liked about it:
  I loved the rubber brush and its shorter bristles. 
  I also really loved the brilliant blue color of the product.
Here is what I didn't like:
  The formula was extremely runny. It was so runny that several times I ended up getting it in my eye.
  It isn't not water proof. This is not normally a big deal for me. One of my favorite mascaras is not water proof, but this
only took a tiny drop of water and I had runny blue mascara everywhere.
  While I loved the color that was in the bottle, it did not show on my own lashes even with several coats. I tried it several
different ways, and even with primers the best I could hope for is that you would catch a hint of blue. I did see pictures of other people who had vibrant blue on their lashes. Most of them had lighter hair color than me, so I have to wonder if that played a part in it even with the primers. I also saw some who had vibrant blue eyelashes, but their eyelashes looked horrific and cakey. You just knew that in order to achieve that look they did 10+ coats.
I can speculate as to why this didn't work for me and did for others all I want, but at the end of the day all I can do is go on how it worked for me. And honestly I would never feel comfortable recommending this to someone else.
Nicole M.
Nicole M.
wausau, wi

87 reviews

When I received Maybelline Great Lash in Royal Blue, I ws confused. What decade is this? Colored mascaras haven't really been a thing for a couple decades -- not since I stole my aunt's navy mascara in middle school, at least. I took a while to try this mascara because I wasn't sure how well it would work with my green eyes, either. It's definitely a brighter shade than I have ever tried. But, what the hell. I got it for free. What's the worst that can happen, right?

i'm not familiar with other Maybelline mascaras, so while the tube looks the same, green and pink, I can't speak for the wand. It's short and straight, but the bristles are arranged in a spiral pattern on the brush. I don't really like this. It took quite a few strokes to cover my lashes, especially those corner lashes. A longer brush might help with that.

But I did like the blue more than I figured I would. It's noticeable but not super dramatic. This is probably due to the fact that the formula doesn't add anything in terms of length or volume -- or lift for that matter. My lashes were straight out. While this wasn't clumpy, it didn't perform well exactly. From a mascara, I expect more. As a colored paint, which is what the formula feels like, it's okay.

I wish I could tell you how this mascara held up over time (I had greasy lids and only ever wear tubing mascara because of this), but it only took a minute or so before my eyes felt dry and my lashed felt stabby. I quickly had to remove it because of the discomfort. The mascara removed easily, but I'm pretty hesitant to try it again because of this.

Even without that, it does nothing at all for my lashes and would probably give me blue raccoon eyes over the day. If you're looking for a colored mascara, this one is probably cheap, but you'll want to layer it over mascara that does something for your lashes or perhaps over a base and under a top coat.

unless you can justify throwing your money away, however, I'd skip this one.
I received this product review in exchange for my review.
Alicia S.
Alicia S.

139 reviews

MAYBELLINE BLUE VOXBOX @influenster @maybelline @InfluensterVox #GreatLashBlue #contest: I received my complimentary products for testing purposes, of the contents of the Maybelline Blue VoxBox. Though products were free, all opinions and reviews found below are of my own and independent from any party. VoxBox contents included the iconic green and pink bottled mascara in Blue and an Infallible line crayon eyeliner in Onyx. I believe the legendary green and pink Great Lash mascara packaging dates back to 1971! Amazing. I also went researching and found indication that Maybelline is still believed to be the #1 used mascara in the U.S. I think these stats speak for themselves as far as formula greatness and brand longevity!

The eyeliner (as I do prefer a crayon) was self sharpened and a creamy, smooth application. I would undoubtedly buy this again, and tell others my positive experience. The Infallible line is known for its performance and lasting power throughout the wear and tear of the day. Great for a busy mother of 3 !

The mascara's biggest attributes were its non-clump formula and lengthening capabilities. You cannot let it dry too long in between coats, of which I found two necessary to achieve full blue color coverage. The mascara does harden quickly. Bad for reapplication, but good for drying when flying out the door.

The blue mascara look was fun and brought back memories to my days in the 80s when high school and life was just easier. At 46, this is not a look I would wear regularly, but I would use it for fun days. Having blue eyes, it was pretty. I used a very soft pinkish base on lid, minimal highlight on brow, winged the crayon on upper lid, then put a complimentary blue shadow on top of the wide wing (in another blue) for more drama (wanting that blue lash to steal the stage). I only applied shadow and minimal mascara on bottom lashes and lash line. Using very minimal blush and a nude lip, the mascara took the lead. Again, it was very pretty and I was pleased with the results.

Nice product....but can only wear at certain times.
Vera N.
Vera N.
Newark, CA

1 review

I’m kinda on the fence about this mascara. First, I really REALLY like the color. It’s a beautiful bright electric blue that can add special vibes to your everyday look. Second, I love the fact that it’s very affordable. It’s always nice to have an option to try something new and fun without damaging your budget :) Even though I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster, I can imagine myself buying mascaras from Maybelline in other bright colors. I’m personally dreaming about vivid red :3
Now, to the drawbacks. First of all, it won’t really show this beautiful royal blue color on your eyes if you have dark eyelashes, so you will have to build the color up which this mascara doesn’t allow you to do perfectly. I feel that the best way is to wait several minutes between the applications otherwise you’ll find yourself brushing your eyelashes over and over without any result. But be ready for some clumps and moderate spider legs if you decide layering it up. I guess that white primer could help but I don’t have any, sorrynotsorry. Also because of its poor construction brush doesn’t pick much of the product, so I couldn’t even transfer it close enough to my lashline (not very noticeable in real life though).
My second complaint is that this mascara does almost nothing in terms of volumizing, lengthening, lifting (I always use my curler before applying mascara) or separating the lashes. I mean yeap it gives teeny tiny bit of volume and length, but do not expect much.
Nevertheless I still will use this mascara when I’m in the mood for something fun and different, ‘cause as I already said I absolutely love the color.
To end this review on a positive note I can say that this mascara wears nice throughout the day with almost no fallout or smudging.
I can recommend this product to someone who want to experiment with bright makeup in affordable way (and probably has eyelash primer :)).
Melody C.
Melody C.
Cheyenne, WY

40 reviews

I must say I was very excited about receving my first #voxbox though a little less excited about the contents of it, it's been a great many years since I've used #Greatlashmascara #maybellinegreatlash #greatlashroyalblue I can remember as a teen growing up in the 80's the iconic pink tube with the green top, listening to Blondie's "Call me" while sitting in front of the mirror applying the very popular blue mascara from Maybelline Great lash It seems it was a staple in every girls cosmetic bag.
As I have matured I have become set in my ways and the look of makeup, I was very worried how this review of the complimentary products I received for testing/reviewing purposes would come out.

I used the mascara for 3 days. On the first day the first thing I noticed was the wand seemed short and the brush was very small (I do not remember it being this small as a teen) the color did pop on the brush but not so much on my lashes I applied 4 coats to my lashes before I was able to see any color BUT when the light hit my lashes just right there was a subtle blue hue to my lashes. The product did not give me any length to my lashes nor did it claim to (I do like to have my lashes stand out) the mascara did not clump it went on smoothly,did wear well throughout the day and removed well with makeup remover.

On the second day I again used lite makeup but this time I used an eyelash primer again the mascara went on smoothly no clumps it did take about three costs for a good coverage with the primer, the blue did pop with the added primer but once it set the color was not as bright, once you got in to sun light yes the blue popped. It did wear well throughout the day and was easily removed with makeup remover.

On the third day I repeated the first days makeup routine.

I would say that this mascara is not something I would use every day but it would be fun to have around for weekend or a summer vacation.

These options are my own.
Amanda B.
Amanda B.

3 reviews

I was sent this product in exchange for a review and held off on writing this for some time because I wanted to see how I liked the product over the course of a few uses.I'm familiar with this line of mascara and have used the clear option in the past, which I'm a fan of. Lately I've been using up my beautybag mascara samples which are much more expensive than this product. I mention this because off the bat the quality was one of the first differences I could tell - a bit sticky and thicker than other mascara I've used but then again this is a drug store mascara. So my first piece of advice is take it easy and apply the product lightly.Because I have dark eyelashes the product doesn't show up very well, you have to be in the right light and look closely to notice the blue. However I found that by applying a white eyeliner on my waterline the color popped more on my bottom lashes.I wore this multiple times in various weather conditions and the product lasted all day. I also really appreciate that it didn't "melt" in the heat, as I've used some mascara that in hot weather made my eyelashes stick to my face and leave a line of residue just above my eye. This product did NOT do that :)I really enjoyed using a color that was subtle enough to be slightly noticeable. It also gives a decent amount of volume so your eyes look awake.As mentioned before, the only downside to the product is how thick and sticky it is. I also suggest not getting the product in your eye, wet or dry. There had been a few times during application where the product stung as I was applying it to my eyelashes. I've also rubbed my eyes when the product was dry and it stung my eyes.I would definitely recommend this product for those special occasions when you want to add a special, subtle touch to your eye makeup and I would purchase the product for these reasons.
Amie M.
Amie M.
Dracut, MA

36 reviews

I received Maybelline's Great Lash Blue voxbox for testing purposes from Influenster. All opinions are my own!!
I used both the Great Lash Blue mascara along with the Maybelline Unstoppable black eyeliner that were both in the box, I first applied a cool tone champagne and bronze eyeshadow, lined my top and lower lids with the unstoppable eyeliner and then generously applied the Great Blue Mascara to get the most color payoff. First off, applying more then one coat wasn't really needed as I immediately noticed the beautiful royal blue color with just the first swipe of the wand. I'm not usually one to wear blue on my eyes but even I have to admit that this mascara has a really glamorous look once applied. The formula is really amazing too, it made my eyelashes appear thick and long and definitely exceeded my expectations. Curling my eyelashes without even the use of a curler (which I forgot to use). Being a mom of 3 I'm not sure if I would wear this again on my day to day as my look has to be more on the conventional side but I would totally wear it again for a night out with the girls. The unstoppable eyeliner was equally satisfying. It went on smooth and straight without any smudging. Again, I don't usually wear black (I was more of a brown eyeliner girl) but I actually really loved the look of it on me. So much so that I've replaced my current eyeliner with this one. I gave four stars for all of the positives listed above, I subtracted one due to the mascara not lasting the entire day and leaving a bit of blue under my eye when my day was done. To be fare though, it was an unseasonably hot day when I tested this out. Overall I would definitely recommend both the mascara and eyeliner, they both impressed me immensely and gave me a whole new appreciation for drugstore makeup.
Christina G.
Christina G.

104 reviews

Great Lash mascara has been a bestselling staple product for decades, and it does have staying power. I had the opportunity to test the formula in Royal Blue for free thanks to Influenster and Maybelline.

I have used Great Lash before, and it is a reliable mascara for your drugstore makeup shopping needs. The blue color is visible clearly on the brush, which may be a little shorter than some are used to, but don't worry, apply it and wiggle it through your lashes, and it will give you separation and some lift. The blue adds a fun pop of color to the formula, which lets you apply a couple of coats before it dries.

A few things I noticed:

- The blue is fun, but never overpowering. However, as a dark brunette, this limits the way the color shows on my lashes. But this makes it infinitely more wearable in any situation. I wore mine to work, to spend time with friends, and while running errands.

When you have dark hair, you might think your only mascara options are black or brown, but nope!

- On me, the mascara color showed up best in the light and from the side. However, the lash separation, lift, and formula lasted through my day until I took my makeup off at night. I used a little setting spray on my makeup.

I am taking off one star for the difference in how much color wear you can expect from this product. Blondes and other light-haired folks will see the most payoff, but it's still fun for those of us with dark hair. Especially since it is wearable all over.

- Included in the package I received was a waterproof Unstoppable pencil liner in Onyx, which I will review separately, but it may be my new favorite drugstore pencil liner. It stays where many smudge badly.

Laila Ann R.
Laila Ann R.
Kingsport, TN

36 reviews

Mascara for me is a tough one and this product in particular gave me mixed feelings. Maybelline Great Lash in blackest black waterproof is one of my all time favorites; I think it's like a dependable gal pal, always consistent, delivers as expected…really one of the best products I've ever used. That said I was super excited to receive this in my VoxBox. I haven't worn fun colour mascara since high school and was looking forward to it. I have an olive complexion, naturally dark lashes and deep set, green eyes.

Things I liked
•Classic, familiar packaging.
•BOLD- That is a killer blue!
•Great consistency of the product. It felt as expected going on.
•No odor
•Price point is great for a change up in your routine without a lot of commitment.

Things I didn't like
•The brush. I'm not sure why they changed that up. The wide spirals caused my lashes to clump awfully. I used an old brush from the black Great Lash I use and it went on much better.
•Wet. Although going on, it felt the same, I never felt like it ever dried. It was tacky and even if I separated my lashes, once bumped I'd have to repeat the de-clumping.
•It took a lot of layers to make this POP. I did find that using a white lash primer reduced the amount of mascara I had to use to get "the look".
•Not waterproof. For some that's a bonus, to me, especially during allergy season, it's a sure con.

Would I purchase in the future? That's a 50/50. If it came in waterproof & wasn't so wet/tacky I would.

I'm not in love with this product but I don't hate it either. I think it's fun and unexpected.

I received Maybelline Great Lash Blue complimentary for testing and review purposes, but all opinions are my own.
Victoria F.
Victoria F.
Spring Valley, CA

295 reviews

I've never tried Maybelline mascara. Is it good?
Nicky B.
Nicky B.
Ursa, IL

16 reviews

Has anyone else had the issue of the blue just not showing up?
Melissa S.
Melissa S.
Poughkeepsie, NY

415 reviews

Does it show up on dark lashes without a primer?
Carolina G.
Carolina G.

37 reviews

Does it volumize?
Chaya B.
Chaya B.

415 reviews

Dying to try this. Does the color show up well?

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