Does anyone know if this is a good medium- full coverage foundation? Xx
birmigham - il y a un an

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Hiii💜 my fav foundation. Isn’t full coverage… but buildable of course
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I personally would not consider this a "full" coverage foundation. However, with that being said it is a buildable foundation. So it starts as medium coverage then if you need to, you can build it up to full coverage. This of course is if you apply the foundation the normal way. But if you apply it like some of the tutorials on IG well then pretty much any foundation is a full coverage foundation. The finish, after it neutralizes with your skin, is beautiful and it ACTUALLY still looks like skin and not like you dipped your face in a vat of pudding that has dried to your face, but like I said this is providing you apply it correctly. The color match is spot on so the "Fit Me" name is 100% correct. And HELLO, the price point on this foundation is PERFECT and definitely worth it! I hope that helps. #JustKeepinItReal 💋💙😊
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