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It can, it depends upon the ingredients. My sister is a derm and she always recommends mineral foundations such as Bare Minerals. & as you probably know they have options. Powder or liquid, & light coverage to medium. Their powder foundations were always the most full coverage. I use the Maybelline Dewey + Smooth. I had bad acne about a year ago. I was put on medications and it has almost completely cleared up (knock on wood). It's all about my skincare routine now too though. Salicylic Acid does not help me it dried me out. I had to go with the Neutrogena Rapid Clear with straight up Benzoyl Peroxide. It helped me so incredibly much. I hope that answer helps you! <3
3 days ago
It doesnt provoke or stimulate acne to grow if that's your question. However, it's a light coverage foundation and cannot hide acne or scars completely. You will need to use concealer before applying it to cover any discoloration or acne.
16 days ago