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Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara

4.4 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars62%
  • 4 Stars27%
  • 3 Stars8%
  • 2 Stars2%
  • 1 Star1%
#5 in Mascara

Find your inner boss with NEW Maybelline New York The Colossal Big Shot, a mascara that creates fully loaded volume in just one coat.

Reveal the boss lashes you never knew you had! The fully-loaded brush contains five wells filled to the brim with wavy bristles to maximize the delivery of the formula to lashes, coating even your tiniest lash from root to tip.

The unique design of the bristles gathers more formula, boosting volume beyond belief. With this collagen-fueled formula, you will flaunt big, bossy lashes that won’t smudge, clump or dry out! 

Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara
Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara
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Cleusa M.
Cleusa M.

5 reviews

Influentser very kindly sent me Maybelline’s The Colossal Big Shot Mascara for review, and I’ve finally sat down to write my thoughts on it for you all.

First of all I’m really glad I received this product for free because… wow. The Colossal Big Shot promises “fully loaded volume in one coat” and the Maybelline website encourages applying multiple coats for “even bigger volume.” The first coat made my lashes a little bit longer but it certainly didn’t deliver the promised volume. Upon further application, the formula began clumping and at best made my lashes look spidery. I didn’t try for a third coat.

Applying this product isn’t at all pleasant. It’s sticky and pulls at the lashes (and not because of any hooks on the wand). Ironically though, the formula’s tackiness is its one saving grace. It grabs your lashes because it’s so sticky, not because of anything to do with the wand, which makes it convenient for use on the lower lashes. Given I have plenty of other mascaras that work well on both the upper and lower lashes though, this one’s not going to see much use. The Colossal Big Shot mascara wand has many short, densely-packed bristles spread evenly in a slightly twisting fashion. It grabs a lot of formula from the tube and deposits a healthy amount on the lashes. The current trend is to get a fuller, lusher look by continuously building up mascara for 30 strokes on each eye. I’ve been doing that with the other mascaras I use, but I notice that 15 strokes already achieves the desired results-- equal amounts of length and volume--for The Colossal. Less effort, more effect!

Using a lash curler is recommended as the formula doesn’t add curl, nor does it hold curl by itself. Though the one I got was waterproof, I did experience some smudging on the outer corners of my lashes at the 4-6 hour mark, though I have been told that the culprit could be my cheeks smooshing up at the corners. So I recommend curling beforehand and not applying too much in order to avoid smudges.

Verdict: Smudgy corner lashes have always been my issue with Maybelline mascaras, waterproof and washable alike, but I can’t speak for everyone as it could be my eye shape. I do love that a few swipes is all it takes to get the definition I need. It will certainly help me breeze through my routine.

*I received this product free-of-charge as part of campaign by Maybelline and Influenster. I was not otherwise compensated for this review. Opinions expressed here
Bekah S.
Bekah S.
Nashville, TN

9 reviews

If you are looking for a natural-looking mascara, this product is for you. If you're looking for mascara to knock you off your feet (which is what I was expecting from the branding of this product), then you may need to keep looking.

My very first coat excited me. I have fine, straight, blonde lashes and this mascara did make them fuller-looking. The wand is a good shape and size and let me grab each lash. The product transfers nicely, as well, so doing bottom lashes is easy, too. The mascara (regular formula) is also very easy to wash off at the end of the day. Unfortunately, however, this is where the benefits (for me), end.

The product works best if you leave it at one coat. The packaging indicates that you can do a second to amp up the effect, but it ended up just weighing my lashes down; they became droopy and the product more easily flaked off when applied in multiple coats. Unfortunately, just one coat isn't enough for my needs, though. Though I was impressed with the first coat, I wasn't satisfied with just one coat, and that's when the product stopped wowing me. From a side/profile view, it gives me a nice appearance of lashes but from the front--whether one coat or three--my lashes seem to disappear; they just stick straight out or pull downward. They'll stand tall for a little bit right after application, but they'll droop and disappear before I finish getting ready. No amount of curling or heat (or constant pressing them up throughout the day) seems to help.

I've tried this product in different ways and using different tricks for a few weeks, and I just can't make it work for my lashes. If you have darker or naturally longer lashes or lashes that will hold a curl, you may like this product but for me, it's a bust.

I received this mascara for free for testing purposes in exchange for my honest review. I would likely wear this mascara if I'm staying around the house, running errands, or just doing low-key/minimal makeup but if I'm getting dressed for work or something social, I'd reach for another product. I will likely use it until it's time to toss it, but I have no plans to purchase it in the future.
Claire O.
Claire O.

194 reviews

When I removed this product out of its packaging, I was automatically in love with the quality of the "gold like film" that was on the mascara tube. I was concerned that it may feel very cheap and that it may be like paint and "chip off" but it's a great quality, and honestly made it feel like a more upscale product! After the exterior review, I paid close attention to the applicator, before applying it onto my lashes. I was interested at the amount of space between some of the layers of the bristles and thought the bristles were layered very similar to that of a christmas trees, in that they were placed randomly. The next step was to apply the mascara. The formula did not have a strong scent so that was great in my opinion! When I applied my first coat, I automatically fell in love with the spplicators bristles in that it was able to separate each of my lashes and coat them all individually, without them clumping up! As I kept applying more and more layers (about 3 total on each eye) I was able to get some volume but not as much as I expected I would get. For someone who really needs volume brought to their lashes, I thought this mascara would do it, since it's name is "Big Shot" mascara and it claims "fully loaded volume in one coat." Although I wasn't able to achieve the volume this mascara was aiming for, I'm still giving it 4 out of 5 stars because I thoroughly enjoyed the bristles on the applicator and how they separated my eyelashes. This mascara was also very easy to remove at the end of the day and it did not smudge at all. It really lasted all day. I would recommend this mascara more for women who already have long, naturally dark lashes. As a person with short, blonde lashes, it wasn't the most volumizing thing in the world! However, I will still keep using Maybelline's mascara, because I truely believe they have the best drugstore brand mascara on the market! I received this product complimentary to test and review for free from Influenster. #BigShotMascara
Elreacy D.
Elreacy D.
Las Vegas, NV

15 reviews

Maybelline New York Colossal Big Shot Mascara is a product that can provide noticeable results, although sometimes the expectations associated with this product can be hit or miss. The mascara loaded up easily on the wand and transferred without any problems to my lashes, which was great since sometimes it can be challenging to get other mascara products to transfer correctly.

Upon applying the product, it did noticeably coat my lashes. The mascara works great when it comes to making your lashes more defined and creating a glamorous look. However, if you haven't curled your lashes prior to use or if you don't have naturally curly lashes, you won't get amazing results with this product. I felt that Maybelline New York Colossal Big Shot Mascara provided better results when the lashes were curled or even when false lashes were applied, which is not what I initially expected when I tried this product.

I do feel that whether this mascara will look natural or not depends on how much of the product is applied to your lashes at the time of use. This product builds up very easily and if you want to have significantly bolder lashes, you can achieve that after a few coats of the product. If you want something more natural, using it once or twice might provide lighter results that are more suitable for every day use. All in all, it's a good product, it just requires some knowledge of beauty tricks and some extra time to really figure out how to get the results that you want for your designated makeup style.
Arlene G.
Arlene G.
Jersey City, NJ

62 reviews

Influenster picked me to enjoy the Maybelline Lash Like A Boss Vox Box and I couldn't be happier! kindly sent me Maybelline’s

The Colossal Big Shot promises “fully loaded volume in one coat” and the Maybelline website encourages applying multiple coats for “even bigger volume.” The first coat made my lashes a little bit longer but it certainly didn’t deliver the promised volume. After another application it started to clump which I didn't like, sticking to 1 coat.

Not too thrilled about the application, It’s sticky and pulls at the lashes. It grabs your lashes because it’s so sticky, not because of anything to do with the wand, which makes it convenient for use on the lower lashes.

The Colossal Big Shot mascara wand has many short, densely-packed bristles spread evenly in a slightly twisting fashion. It grabs a lot of formula from the tube and deposits a healthy amount on the lashes.

Verdict: I liked it, but don't think I would purchase it again, I've had better Maybelline Mascaras, but I do love the eye liner it came with~

*I received this product free-of-charge as part of campaign by Maybelline and Influenster. I was not otherwise compensated for this review. Opinions expressed here in no way shape or form effected by the fact that I received this product for free. I take all my reviews seriously*
Amber R.
Amber R.
Brooklyn, NY

10 reviews

I've been impressed with this mascara ever since I received it. I am a big falsie lash girl, but this formula allows me to skip bottom falsies since they make my bottom lash pop and match in volume with my false top lashes. I don't usually put mascara on my top lashes so it may be just my application, but its very hard for me to separate my lashes without other combs-- otherwise my top lashes just end up joining together because of their thickness (see photo). It may also have to do with the applicator itself, it seems to hold in a lot of product.

The formula took some time to get used to- I did experience some kind of irritation (eyes felt tired immediately after application), but now it seems my skin has gotten used to it and I don't experience that anymore. That might be a red flag for those with sensitive eyes. That was the main reason I took off one star.

My only wish is that this also will come out with a waterproof formula. I tend to pick at my face throughout the day and sometime will wear down the mascara since its kind of basic. Waterproof will stick much better and keep my look together without needing to reapply!

**disclaimer: I received this product to test in exchange for a review. These words are my honest opinion after using the product for about a month.
Christina D.
Christina D.
Plano, TX

219 reviews

100% love it! I received this from Influenster the other day, and have tried it for about a week and a half now. My lashes are sparse on my left eye (had an eye injury that resulted in the loss of eyelashes and they've regrown but are not as full as my right eye), so it's tough trying to find the mascara that gives the right amount of volume without clumping. This mascara makes both eyes look big and flirty and my eyelashes look thick and dark! The formula builds well, for at least two coats which is what I normally go for. So far it's survived all the Christmas parties that I've attended in the last week (even one that went from 8pm till the early morning hours and have fallen asleep with it still on), without any smudging or transferring so I'll say this mascara is a keeper. I've seen some complaints about the mascara being too waterproof but waterproof makeup is my life (I'm a swim instructor) and this formula saves you from embarrassing mascara mishaps. In order take off the mascara you will most likely need to use an oil based remover, I like to use just regular olive oil and a wash cloth/paper towel and it comes off easy enough. I was sent this mascara complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes, but this is my own honest opinion.
Courtney H.
Courtney H.

110 reviews

I'm back to review a new mascara. As you can tell by the title it is the Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara. So I received this product to review from Influenster and I want to thank both Influenster and Maybelline for allowing me to try this brand new product. Now I'm the type of person who does not like to use a product one time and then review it. So I have used this product a few times for different occasions. First I'm going to start with the cons of this mascara. The only Con I have with this mascara is the brush. I don't like that it is so big so when you are applying it to your eye lashes it sometimes get a little messy. I think they should have mad the brush a little smaller for better application. Now for the pros. I love that it gives you just enough mascara to go on your lashes. Its not too much but not too little either. I also like how it makes your lashes bold and beautiful. I did a side by side comparison to the L'Oreal mascara Influenster sent me a while back and it has nothing on that mascara. Sometimes when I don't wear mascara you can't really see my eyelashes. I fell in love with the product. Thanks again Influenster and Maybelline.
LEAR28018 A.
LEAR28018 A.
Miami, FL

564 reviews

I received this in the Maybelline Colossal Big Shot VoxBox and I absolutely loved it, and here's why.

First off, the packaging is beautiful. I love the shiny gold so much! It is much better than the matte colored tubes I am used to seeing with Maybelline mascaras. I have been seeing it in stores, such as Target, Rite-Aid, and WalMart for about 8.49-8.99, and I think that is definitely a good price for the mascara.

I initially got excited about this mascara when I saw @iluvsarahii using it on her Snapchat and it made her lashes looking AMAZING! After that, I was like "I need this mascara ASAP". About a week later, I got the email that I was in this VoxBox and I was pumped. It made her lashes look bomb, so I couldn't wait for it to do that for mine.

I first used the mascara like a week after receiving my VoxBox in the mail. I was actually impressed with the brush, I like how it applied to my lashes. I have short lashes that are very light, so when I have no mascara or falsies on it really doesn't even look like I have any eyelashes. Using this product actually made my eyelashes look like I had applied individual lashes and I loved it!
Brittney B.
Brittney B.
Calgary, Alberta

30 reviews

I'll start off by saying that I have pretty thin lashes. I have yet to find a mascara that adds a good amount of volume to them, and I have always come up short. This was no exception. I didn't see any added volume, which is the whole point of this mascara.However, I gave it 4 stars because I still do like it. It makes my lashes visible without clumping. I always curl my lashes whenever I apply mascara, and I found that this mascara held the curl well throughout the day. I really like it for my bottom lashes because the wand covers my entire lash line, so I never have to risk getting mascara on my skin from maneuvering the wand. It gets all my bottom lashes covered evenly and really makes them stand out. I also never had any problem with smudging throughout the day. (I bought the waterproof formula, so maybe that's why?) I liked this mascara better than Loreal's Voluminous Carbon Black mascara, which is a lot of people's holy grail. All in all, I liked this mascara, and I could see myself repurchasing this in the future.
Kristy W.
Kristy W.

218 reviews

Is it clumpy or anything at all?
Priscilla R.
Priscilla R.
Palmetto, Fl

27 reviews

How well does this work? I have tried at least 3-4 different ones and so far maybelline and two faced does the job
Amanda T.
Amanda T.
Fairfax, VA

64 reviews

How many coats does this take to have an effect?
Priscilla P.
Priscilla P.

8 reviews

Does this flake? Or smudge after some hours of wearing?
Aliesha A.
Aliesha A.

149 reviews

How much would this this cost me

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