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Maty's All Natural Acid & Indigestion Relief Capsules

Maty's All Natural Acid & Indigestion Relief Capsules


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I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and am constantly getting indigestion and heartburn. The TUMS were not touching it whatsoever. I tried other natural remedies but nothing worked. I snagged these from Walmart and take two before a meal and it has prevented the heartburn every time. Has even helped when heartburn randomly comes on. It’s a fast and natural way to relieve heartburn.
4 / 5
Wish I had gotten these in a voxbox but actually learned of them from my dad. We both have suffered with acid reflux and my dad having tried more remedies than me. But these are clean and don’t taste like acv at all! And they really do help to alleviate or reduce symptoms.
4 / 5
These work great, the taste isn't too bad either!!!!!!! These are definitely the new go too!!!!!!! I get acid Felix at night and these have helped me so much with that!!!! The price is pretty reasonable for these too!!!!!!!


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After my breast cancer diagnosis and you have to remove body body doesn’t work the same anymore. I have all these issues now. Some of them are GERD, reflux, indigestion and heart burn. I would love to try something more natural instead of taking chemicals all the time. Do you think this would work?
Did it cause any side effect when used daily?
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