Has anyone tried Has anyone tried Mattescreen Sunscreen SPF 40 ? what are your thoughts?
Brooklyn, NY - il y a 6 mois

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I think it's a fantastic spf and a great primer base for my makeup to sit on.
il y a 11 jours
yes, it's like a dry silicone primer, so how it goes on will depend on your skin. i have dry skin with some rough spots so it pills with my moisturizers underneath and clings to texture. from afar, it gives a little blurring effect and looks smooth. i think if you had really even hydrated and moisturized skin this would go on really nicely and have a blurring effect, but i prefer something more like a light moisturizer so my dry patches aren't emphasized. i don't get a white cast but it brings me down a shade because of the light beige tint, but once it gets absorbed it disappears. another reason i prefer mineral sunscreens in a lotion form is that it absorbs better into the skin and tends to disappear completely (at least with better formulations). supergoop's sheerscreen did this nicely, as well as saie sunvisor, dr dennis gross, and dr jart every sun day (definitely thicker and whiter at first bc it's spf 50, but dried matte). hope this helps!
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