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Matrix Brass Off Custom Neutralization Mask

Matrix Brass Off Custom Neutralization Mask


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Didn’t notice much of a difference and I used it in conjunction with the shampoo. Kind of a thick paste
I like this product because it worker making my hair less brassy and even took out some orange tones when I was brunette. However, I don’t love that it’s not sulfate & paraben free.
I purchased this product from I only paid $21.08 for this but I also received 5 samples of my choice and a cute keychain shown in the photos. My hair was so brassy, high yellow and orangish color. I absolutely hate my water here at my house. It’s very hard water with iron buildup. So I have tried other products for brassiness before but they didn’t do anything at all. They definitely don’t hold a candle to this product. I’m so impressed. I have only used this product one time, 2 weeks ago and my hair is still good. It made my hair like a Medium Ash blonde with some platinum blonde streaks (I already had lighter blonde streaks in my hair that sorta came out like highlights when I had dyed it last fall.) some of which have a blue hue to them. I personally like it, but I’m not sure if it did that due to the fact I may have left it in longer than I should have or possibly I may not have rinsed it out good enough. Idk but either I’m not mad about it. I also had a sample pack of the shampoo and conditioner, so I used that beforehand. I’m not sure it made a huge difference because I haven’t used the mask again. But once I use it again without the shampoo & conditioner, I’ll update my review if I notice a change or difference. This is an easy Hair Mask, easy to apply, only takes 5-10 minutes, and it doesn’t stain, any mess is easy to clean up. It neutralizes brassy, orange hair with cool tones. This system intensely repairs damage, leaving brittle hair revitalized as well. My hair was so shiny and silky smooth. It had body & volume. Overall I’m very satisfied with this product, I will definitely continue to purchase this product again in the future, and I highly recommend this product to all of you. Oh one more thing I wanted to mention if you notice the purple streak in my hair that’s not from this. That’s another product I’ll be reviewing.☺️😉
Will this help my blonde highlights pop more on my medium brown hair?
Has anyone used this on their hair while it was dry?
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Does anyone recommend this product?i want to try it but don’t want to be sad with the results. travel-size-total-results-brass-off-custom-neutralization-hair-mask
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