Marvelous Usa, Inc. Nintendo 3DS - Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven

by Marvelous Usa, Inc.

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Situated on a lush, tropical island is a quiet, rustic inn, owned and run by Luchs. The establishment is his pride, and he clings to the code of honor passed down from father to son for generations. The only issue is that the inn has yet to have a single guest since it opened. This leaves Luchs with the only option to excavate and sell the island's crystals, which happen to be its most valuable fuel source. During one excavation, he happens upon a stunning maiden trapped inside a massive crystal, and her abrupt awakening sets off a series of events that includes foul friends, unbelievable abilities and one-of-a-kind mysteries. All at once, Luchs' life is overturned as he finds himself thrust into a battle of divine proportions. Travel to a stunning, colorful island in the tropics with Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven, and join Luchs as he re-unites seven unique heroines, each with her own mysterious story. Build your relationship with the heroines to help unlock new, specialized attacks. Line up melee, ranged and magical attacks to bowl over as many enemies as possible with a single strike to maximize collateral damage. Unlock new abilities by advancing through the story, engage in Free Battles and use StreetPass to earn rare crafting items that can be used to build new skills that will alter the tide of the battle. Get ready for an all-new turn-based strategy RPG with Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven.


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