24 Questions
Maritza M.
Who loves these?
Lexi W.
Do you like pink frosted sugar cookies?
Viviana N.
Does the icing give the sugar cookies any additional flavor besides just being sweet?
Alejandra S.
These pink iced sugar cookies do not look good at all. Are they ?
Michael J.
I love sugar cookies and I was wondering if these get hard after a while? I've heard they're really soft and was wondering if they stay that way for a long time while in the package.
Jess W.
Are these too sweet ?
Paula S.
These look good. How are they?
Kimberly Y.
I know most stores have their own versions of these, has anyone tasted multiple brands and can say how these compare to the ones found in local grocery chains? Do you think the formula is different enough to warrant going somewhere specific?
Amoi P.
Other than pathmark where can i buy these?
Jamie A.
Do they make these without sprinkles?