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Mario Badescu Drying Cream
Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu Drying Cream


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I truly hated the way this smells. Like AWFUL sulfur and if you open your mouth then you can almost taste the smell , but if it works then I can say it’s worth it. It dried up my areas that were so broken out. The price is decent. I like the brand as well they have other decent products.
This is a neat product for acute acne. It helps resolve before white heads appear, I apply at night and sleep in it. Smells weird but works great
I love Mario Badescu but this is not my favorite product from the line. This drying lotion is really aimed at treating clusters of breakouts which is something that is super rare for me. While I did think that this dried out my acne spots that needed to be treated, it also dried my skin too much. My guess is that it would be best for someone who has much more oily skin who won't be as sensitive to the drying effects
does this actually leave your skin dry? If so is it a. unbearable dryness?
Has anyone tried this and it is worth the money?
Does this work for cystic acne? is this better than the drying LOTION for cystic acne? Mario Badescu Drying Cream
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