Marie's Original Acne Soap Bar for Face, Body – Handcrafted in USA Pimple Scar Remover Treatment Exfoliating Facial Wash Cleanser for Dry Sensitive Oily Skin, Acne – All Natural, Vegan

by Marie's Original

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That big brand acne face wash leaving your skin feeling parched, tight or irritated? Loaded with chemicals, most anti-acne skincare products can do more harm than good. The safer solution? Marie Original's Exfoliating Acne Soap! Our handmade acne soap can be used to wash the face, back, chest, shoulders & more. HOW TO USE OUR NATURAL ACNE SOAP Preventing Breakouts: wet skin, lather to develop skin-loving sudsy goodness, leave the soap on skin for several minutes, rinse thoroughly, pat dry Treating Existing Acne: follow same steps above + repeat the process a second time & allow the lather to dry before rinsing (2x a day or as needed) ACNE BAR BEST BENEFITS & FEATURES ฀ natural clay infusion detoxifies + removes blackheads & unclogs pores to prevent pimples ฀ Marie Original soap bars are all formulated in Oregon by a renowned medicinal herbalist ฀ best non-chemical blackhead remover, acne fighting face wash, natural acne spot treatment PURE PREMIUM GRADE INGREDIENTS We source ingredients from certified farms & make each soap bar by hand at our lab on the West Coast. NO harsh additives, parabens or fillers are ever used. Organic Oat Bran - anti-inflammatory, soaks up excess oil, exfoliates to remove dead skin cells Pure Natural Clay - detoxes skin, purges pores of impurities, eliminates blackheads/whiteheads Virgin Olive Oil - replenishes skin with vitamins + builds protective barrier of softening hydration Essential Oil Blend - medicinal botanical elixirs tone, rejuvenate, revitalize, invigorate the skin TRUSTED NATURAL SKIN CARE BRAND 100% Made in USA handcrafted bar soaps for eco-minded consumers. The safe, smart choice for naturally healing acne. Free your acne-prone skin from the harshness of chemicals? Click 'ADD TO CART' to order your acne clearing soap bar!

PREMIUM ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Vegetable glycerin base carefully blend with Organic Oat Bran, Pure Natural Clay & Olive Oil + Butela Lenta, Salix Alba, Morinda Citrifolia, Sassafras Album, Grindelia Comport essential oils.; LOVINGLY MADE BY HAND IN AMERICA - We diligently craft each acne bar soap right here in the USA. Purity & potency are our top priorities when it comes to developing high quality natural skincare formulas proven to provide results.; GENTLY EXFOLIATES, EVENS SKIN TONE - Offering a grainy texture that buffs the skin to reveal a brighter & smoother complexion, the oat bran in the soap delivers gentle exfoliation – Gentle enough for face washing day & night on a daily basis.; HEALING, HYDRATING ACNE SOAP BARS - While the clay pulls toxins from pores to prevent clogging & promote detoxification, olive oil soothes away irritation, reduces redness & leaves the skin feeling supple, hydrated & smooth to the touch.; CHEMICAL-FREE ANTI-ACNE FORMULA - 100% vegan & all natural but nonetheless effective, Marie Original's acne cleansing bar eliminates the need for harsh chemical treatments & gels. We're out to prove nature can heal. Order your bar now!


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