Is this product worth the price or would you recommend anything maybe cheaper ?
Sabetha, KS - il y a 2 mois

4 answers

Definitely worth the price ! One of my favs and have personally purchased more than once.
il y a 11 jours
The smell lasts for a very long time. This perfume is worth its money
il y a un mois
Yes it smells beautiful and cheaper would be clinique happy
il y a un mois
Hi! I always think that if you feel that a product is worth it to you, then you go ahead and buy it! As much as I think this would be nice, some other suggestions I can offer would be Vince Camuto Fiori, Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Summer Bloom, or Zara Applejuice. They won’t be exact dupes, but they’re fairly close to that ozonic floral that Daisy is. It’s also similar enough to Chanel Chance eau tendre, so that’s a plus too! Hope that helps!
il y a 2 mois