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Marc Anthony Strictly Curls® Curl Enhancing Styling Foam
Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls® Curl Enhancing Styling Foam


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This was awful to use. After one use my hair matted and was so dry it took several oil treatments to get it back to normal. Even after I washed it out of my hair, my hair was so damaged. My hair dresser had to do a treatment to get rid of the build up. Just awful
I have curly hair naturally and for the longest time didn’t know I did or how to take care of it. I use this product after I’ve combed through my leave in conditioner and my hair is still fairly wet. I Combe this through and then use an old t-shirt to soak up excess water and scrunch my hair. Best results, I’ll air dry and this keeps the frizzies at bay.
If you want your hair to have a more crisp look I recommend using thos after the Marc Anthony curl cream to give it that wet look and all day no frizz with manageable curls!
Who has used this styling foam: 6-pack-marc-anthony-strictly-curls-curl-enhancing-styling-foam-10-oz ? I just ordered mine with the coconut oil conditioner ( I mistakenly got this one instead of the volume coconut milk conditioner! ) Anyways, all I have to compare this to is the Lottabody® Milk & Honey Refine Me Curl Defining Mousse and it was a 5/5 for me. How does is set? Does this product withstand humid environments, does the formula change at higher altitudes( Mt. Living)? Any tips you have will help, I'd like to review it soon. But, not until I review the Coconut Oil Conditioner.
Does this product dry out hair?
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