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My hair is looking dry and brittle anyone know of a good leave in conditioner? Less than 30 dollars or is this mark anthony any good?? I looked up review and they were all over the place!! 🤨
What is the best leave in conditioner spray?
I’ve been using the Marc Anthony grow long leave in conditioner and deep conditioning hair mask- has anyone else tried the grow long line and had any success?
Had anyone used this and had successful hair growth? I’ve had several friends use it and some say to pass it by and others say yes, get it. I’m looking for something that will help my hair actually grow after some of my meds made some of it fall out. I’ve finally got little baby hairs growing back and in that awkward stage of growth. If not this one, any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
is this product good for curly  black dry hair?
For curly hair gals, would you say this product really reduces frizz and promotes growth Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long Super Fast Strength Leave-in Conditioner ?
Does this make your hair feel oily?
How effective is this product? Has it actually made a difference in stronger hair?
I’ve used this product for a few years and can’t really tell if it actually works. I like to think I see results. But I’m not sure