Do you wear makeup everyday? Curious to see how many make up addicts like me see this 😇
Valrico, FL - il y a 2 mois

90 answers

No not every day
il y a 13 heures
Don’t use Towelettes as its moisturizing (wet) towelettes contain preserved ingredients causing bacteria.
il y a 2 jours
No I only wear make-up when I go out for dinner with The Girls and even then not always
il y a 3 jours
No I wear when out in public and on teams calls from work lol
il y a 4 jours
No not everyday!
il y a 6 jours
I use it almost every day, at least one lipstick and one mascara must have. haha
il y a 7 jours
I used to wear it e.v.e.r.y day, but I’ve been all about the natural look this summer!!! 💁🏻‍♀️✨
il y a 10 jours
Yes i do
il y a 10 jours
I wear makeup like 98% of the times! I use this brand to remove my makeup all the time
il y a 12 jours