Makeup Brushes Z'oreya18pcs Essential Makeup Brush Tools Soft Synthetic Fiber Cosmetic Sets Blending Lip Contour Brushes For Make Up

by zoreya

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Our makeup brushes have wooden handle for easy use. Highest quality material, high density bristle, high quality Synthetic fiber,Does Not SHED. 1.Angled Brush: It¡¯s perfect for blush. 2.Flat Angled Brush: Fits all areas of the face seamlessly. 3.Face Flat Brush: Blend liquid or cream products onto flat areas of the face such as forehead and cheeks. 4.Round Brush:Buffed powder foundation application,for blending mineral products onto the skin. 5.Tapered Brush:Best for concealing the under eyes and nose areas which are hard to reach. 6.Foundation Brush . 7. Angled Brush: Apply product to the sides of the nose and the hollows of the cheeks. 8.Blending Brush: Controlled blending 9.Flat blending brush 10.Angled Blending Brush 11.Tapered blending brush: Using the tip to apply color. 12.Angled Shading brush 13.Small Contour Brush 14.medium shader brush 15.small shader brush 16.Eyeshadow Brush 17.Angled Brow Brush 18.Lip Brush: Defines the contours of the lip with a tapered tip. Steps to clean makeup brushes: 1.Run the bristles under lukewarm water. Don't use hot water,as the heat may damage the bristles. 2.Pour some baby shampoo to the water. Add 1 teaspoon of baby shampoo into the cup and still gently to combine.If you do not have baby shampoo, use liquid Castile soap instead. 3.Dip the brush into the mixture and swirl. Only the bottom halfof your brushes' bristles should be swirled in the mixture toavoid water traveling up the handle. 4. Rinse the bristles under lukewarm water. 5. Pat the bristles dry, then reshape them. 6. Let the brush air dry, then fluff it with your fingers.

♥ZOREYA ADVANTAGE.①WE ARE PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSH DESIGNERR AND PRODUCER.we have been applying ourselves to set brush producing for decades.②HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL,FINE WORKMANSHIP,BEST SERVICE,LOWEST PRICE.we are aiming to be the most popular cosmetic brushes maker.③GORGEOUS PACKAGE AND TOP GRADE COSMETIC BRUSH is a considerate and romantic gift for the one you love and care.; ♥PREMIUM SYNTHETIC FIBER HAIR BRUSH SETS.ZOREYA set brushes are silky to touch,no skin hurting,suitable for even the most sensitive skin.the foundation and powder brushes are dense and shaped well,will not shed.ZOREYA professional cosmetics brushes set are technologically enhanced 2x more efficient with 2x more hair, uses less product and more coverage,hold and distribute color evenly.; ♥ZOREYA MAKEUP BRUSH SET CONTAINS 18 BRUSHES. including foundation brush,powders brush,creams brushes etc,they are flawlessly great for all types of makeup,provide professional solutions for both basic users and profession cosmetics artists.; ♥ZOREYA WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE WORLD ANIMAL PROTECTION.have a peace of heart knowing the brushes you own are animal cruelty free,Look at your pets, you don't want them hurt, we don't either.; ♥100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WHEN YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH OUR MAKEUP BRUSH.ZOREYA is aiming to supply the best service for our customers,and your satisfaction is our destination.


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