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I think this set is great. I'm not normally a red lipstick kind of woman. I actually wanted the rose set, but it was sold out and this set was $10 off. So, I went with it, and I'm glad I did. It was packaged in a cute little bag with red confetti. It looks like a perfect Christmas or Valentine's gift. The lipstick and liner are the perfect shade of red. The lip liner just glides effortlessly as does the lipstick and you get that intense color with one swipe. Neither the lipstick or liner are too matte or drying at all and feel really nice on. The lip gloss has red glitter in it and looks so pretty over the lipstick. Reminds me of Dorothy's ruby slippers! As one reviewer said, you can feel the glitter in the lip gloss, but just barely, and it doesn't bother me. I think the lipstick is beautiful on it's own and even prettier with the lip gloss on top, but I like sparkly things. The lip gloss and liner are a pretty nice size. Perhaps the lipstick will not go quite as far, but I'm more than happy with the size and quality, especially for the $15 I paid. It would have been a good deal at the usual price of $25. If you can find it in stock, I recommend giving it a shot. I think you'd be happy as well. Or if you are thinking about it as a gift for a loved one, I'd say go for it. They're sure to love it too.
If you love red lipsticks this is definitely one to try! It's such a cute little set that you can wear together or separate. I love the shade of this red! It's deep and creamy very comfortable to wear. Definitely try this limited edition set [product:mini-red-fantasy-lip-set-trio]
This is my first time trying anything by pat mcgrath and I am absolutely in love! The lipstick is gorgeous and applies like a dream, it isn’t too matte or dry and is very pigmented. The lipliner is amazing too, it glides on smoothly and is pigmented as well. The lip gloss is my least favorite but it is still beautiful. The lipgloss has a texture to it, you can feel the glitter in it which I do not like. I also do not like the way it looks Over this lipstick. I love this color of red and it’s perfect for the upcoming holidays. These are my new favorite lipsticks and I’ve already ordered full sizes! Definitely recommend.

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