Majesco Sales, Inc. Mega Brain Boost

by Majesco Sales, Inc.

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Brain Boost Beta Wave includes five different types of progressively difficult brain training games where speed and accuracy count - Find the Match, Shape Recognition, Addition, Remember Sequence and Moving Dots: Brain Boost Gamma Wave includes - Remember Colors, Remember Numbers, Remember Circumstances, Remember Faces and Remember Images: Plus a third never-before-released third game on the same cartridge that includes - Match the Kanji Characters, Dots, Colors, Find the Goal, and Total Amount of Money: Each game type contains 4 difficulty levels with 20 multiple-choice problems in each: Receive your overall score for right brain development after completing a brain training series: Play a friend in any of the 15 game types to see who's the bigger brainiac: Increase your level of difficulty by answering correctly, answer incorrectly and your difficulty level will decrease resulting in a lower score percentage


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