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Lately I've been more and more drawn to all or mostly natural skincare, not because I think all chemicals are bad or should be avoided, but the inner hippie in me gets lots of pleasure when using "green" beauty products. My skin type is on the dry side, although I've managed to balance it quite well with my recent routine. Still, I'm always looking for hydrating/moisturizing products. The Petal comes in a big bamboo jar, has both skincare benefits and last but not least, the mask is pink; YES, PLEASE?! This mask is my first experience with any of Mahalo's products and I have to say that I'm impressed. The Petal Mask Hydrating Treatment is a pre-mixed face mask that brings out the look of natural glow and liveliness. This mask melts luxuriously on the skin and dries, without a feeling of pulling or tightening. The base of enzyme-rich honey makes skin feel silky smooth and moisturized, while rose clay and cacao leave the complexion feeling soft and gently detoxified. I use the Petal mask, faithfully, every Sunday & Thursday, and also on those morning's that I need a bit of extra glow; but feel free to use this mask as often as you like. This mask may be applied with your finger tips but I've found that it works best if applied with a brush (I use my @makeupforever 412 medium paint brush). Allow the mask to remain on your skin for about 20 mins or until dry. To remove, use a warm, wet face-cloth, or wash it off in the shower.
5 / 5
One of my holy grail products. It gently exfoliates my skin, plumps it, and moisturizes it. Every time my makeup isn't applying well, I would use this mask and my makeup would look good the next day.
4 / 5
This mask does indeed smell divine. It's also a beautiful pink and applies like a dream. It's very hydrating and that's really all I have personally experienced from using it. My skin is pumper but I have other cheaper masks that do the same thing.


2 Questions
Does have anyone have experience with this mask? Any tips anyone? I have three products from this brand, and super happy with them.
I would love to hear about everyone's experience with this brand and company. It looks absolutely amazing. Does it work with super dry skin? Does it clog pores?
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