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Maddy & Maize

Maddy & Maize Raspberry...
2 Reviews
4 / 5
Taste: This is extremely good popcorn for such an interesting combination of flavors. It’s gluten-free, there are no synthetic ingredients, it’s non dairy and non-gmo. Their mission is to give you the most delicious popcorn you’ve ever tasted & I definitely recommend this to anybody . Especially since I have an acquired taste for salted caramel popcorns and things within that nature... Smell: This is where the 4-star rating comes in, the smell to me was not so great ... almost cheesy-like but the taste is completely phenomenal. I would have to eat these with a nose clip but I am not a fan of the smell of Doritos either so I’m just throwing it out there so you can get an idea of how odd my taste buds and sense of smells go. However, good job on the product and packaging !
5 / 5
When I say THE BEST POPCORN I've ever tasted!!! OMG!!! I recieved this SPECIAL DELIVERY by [brand:edible-arrangements] from a special friend!!! When I tell you I opened the bag yesterday and it's gone... ALL GONE!!! I let my daughter taste about a hand full and I ate the rest. Sooooo soooo good!!! They have like a glaze that tastes like it could be yogurt. A must must must try. Do not deny yourself or your family. This is what I'm bringing to every house event this year I promise you...Amazing!!! [product:maddy-&-maize-raspberry-lemonade-gourmet-popcorn---6oz] Psss...This is a no brainer!!! Please let me know you love it, because you will!!!💙💙💙