Are Macy’s pillows worth the buy ?
Jonesboro , GA - il y a un an

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Macy’s has a nice bedding department so I would think they would have great pillows. Maybe read some reviews before purchasing them. 🙂
il y a 4 mois
Pillows are worth it. But better to check it at the in store first to be sure you like the feel and fluffiness. I’d had my share of buying online , only having to return in later on... down side about shopping online I guess. But sometimes in store don’t carry online products.. good luck!
il y a 8 mois
Yes, their Hotel Collection pillows are luxury quality, but their $100-300 retail price is inflated to make the sales look good year round. You can find them on sale for 60-70% off for short windows throughout the year. The ONLY retailer I’d buy a pillow offline from would be Macy’s. I trust their online reviews the most for pretty much anything I used to buy on Amazon, just saying lol ❤️
il y a 10 mois