I have been looking for a good cream but I was wondering if this would work for brown skinned girls?
Wichita Falls, TX - 3 years ago

4 answers

These work like a charm if you’re using it for a light base or a corrector too!
a year ago
I wouldn't recommend this product in particular. But, they do have other products. Sorry, I'm not familiar. I usually wear a buff beige or warm beige. Sorry I can't be more help!
3 years ago
These are good for colour correcting. So to use as a BB cream or foundation, I wouldn't recommend. But if there are parts of your skin that show dark spots or need brightening, using these will definitely help achieve a flawless complexion. But your skin is already gorgeous so there isn't much to perfect!! :)
3 years ago
Yes it would,they do a range of different colours from fair to black skinned girls.
3 years ago