Is this a soft scent? I can’t handle heavy, heavy sleep scents.
Wells, ME - il y a 2 ans

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It can be heavy, yes. You can always try the less is best option to see how that goes. If you have a Lush shop near you I recommend going in and testing it for yourself.
il y a un an
It’s kinda heavy, as most things from lush are, but not in a synthetic way, if that makes sense. It’s heavy in a very tolerable and delicious way
il y a 2 ans
So it’s very strong Lavender. Like pure oil kind BUT very toned down with the Tonka. I can say it’s strong out the bottle but sprayed it’s very nice on a pillow. Either people love or hate lavender scents so it really depends on how you view lavender oil as a whole
il y a 2 ans