Has anyone tried the Twilight body spray from Lush? I love the smell but have heard varying things on how long it lasts and if it’s worth the price. Lush Twilight Body Spray
Wake Forest, NC - il y a 2 ans

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It’s super long lasting! Like you smell it through out the day, a little goes a long way
il y a un an
I am obsessed with this product. I use two sprays in the morning and I feel like it lasts all day. I like to spray it in my hair and then on my wrists. I also will spray it on my pillows every once in a while. It smells amazing and is so calming.
il y a 2 ans
It only lasts maybe 3 hours on my skin but if I spray it in my hair or on my clothes it lasts way longer.
il y a 2 ans
The smell is amazing! Have you gone to the spa and smelled that combo of lavender with clean. That’s exactly the smell you’re getting. Personally the smell goes away too quietly and shot in the air. But when people walk into my room or car they always and im not exaggerating tell me it smells delicious!!
il y a 2 ans