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Love Beauty And Planet argan oil & lavender body lotion
Love Beauty And Planet

Love Beauty And Planet argan oil & lavender body lotion


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This lotion (or any of their lavender scented stuff) is fabulous. It smells awesome and lasts forever. It leaves you feeling refreshed
I was really upset when I found out that this doesn’t moisturize bec it’s such a great company! When I put it in my legs,24 hours later u can feel it! Which is horrible bec it should have sank in the skin within an hour at most. I got laser on my legs done exactly 24 hours after I used it and the lady asked”is there somthing on ur leg? It’s gripping my laser machine” it was this dumb moisturizer… I found this other brand instead that is so good I’m never switching to a dif company it sinks in so fast that an hour later my legs are thirsty for more. It’s called “ palmers coconut oil formula coconut hydrate daily body lotion” I got mine from target
I was very disappointed in this. The smell is overwhelmingly strong and makes me noxious everytime I try to use. Rather than smell like lavender and be relaxing, it smells like you just broke a bottle of perfume. This is advertised as using lavender essential oils for smell, but parfum is higher on the list of ingredients. Why do you need to add perfume if you are using essential oils? Waste of money and resources as this will end up in the trash! Very expensive for what you receive