is this brow pencil good for filling in sparse brows?
St, NL - il y a 3 ans

4 answers

I use this to fill in sparse patches in my brows. This is the only thing I use in mine and I’ve had a great experience with this product. It isn’t good for defining your brows and the tip is quite wide if your brows aren’t thick it may be hard to work with.
il y a un an
I think the Joah pencil is better than this Loreal pencil. My Loreal pencil skips on the skin so it doesn't fill over really sparse areas. It leaves streaks for me.
il y a 2 ans
In my opinion yes it. My right brow is prefect but my left brow has a gab and is much thinner than my right one and with this pencil I can get them to look the same. 
il y a 2 ans
yes! I would use a thinner pencil to outline your brows and this to fill it in
il y a 2 ans