I really want to try this product is it good?
San Antonio , TX - 17 days ago

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I absolutely love it!. I was using Clarins Double Serum and that was my go to for years, but this is a very nice serum. I don't have problem skin, however I noticed my skin texture improve when I added this to my routine and I notice my texture becomes less smooth and my skin is less glowy when I forget to use it for more than a few days. I got it in a voxbox and will be buying more, as well as buying a kit for my mom!
13 hours ago
I think it works- quite gentle and I haven’t noticed a big difference but worth a try
4 days ago
This product is excellent and works great, but I cannot stress enough to NOT use it around your under eyes. It is a very potent solution and you will have big chance of having an allergic reaction like I did. It took almost a week for the swelling to go down. Don't chance it. When I use this serum now I am very mindful to not put it anywhere under my eyes or on my eyelids. Even after it absorbs and you put other product over it, be mindful to not blend it up under the eyes. The product works great otherwise. I've noticed significant improvement in skin clarity and smoothness. I only need 3 drops of it as opposed to the five drops they suggest. Hope this helps. L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Derm Intensives 10% Pure Glycolic Acid Serum
15 days ago
I loved it was really good. I noticed a big difference in the wrinkles around my eyes.
15 days ago
I got it in a voxbox and used it, but I haven’t seen a dramatic difference.
15 days ago