Doesn't this conditioner makes oily hair more oilier?
Wilmington, DE - 19 days ago

3 answers

I believe if you are using too much or washing too much it will cause that. Also do not apply conditioner straight to your scalp mainly ends and work product up
16 days ago
Honsslty any conditioner will make oily hair even oilier but it is very important for your hair so you avoid split ends! So if you have oily hair just like me what I like to do is wash my hair put conditioner on the ends (NEVER THE ROOTS) and then wash my hair again! It cleans my hair while conditioning it rather than making it oilier !
18 days ago
Personally my hair is more dry than oily, I even add a hair oil to my hair when I get out of the shower. I haven’t noticed that this conditioner has made my hair any more oily though. For my hair is has just added shine and smoother.
18 days ago