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L'Oreal Paris Clear Self-Tanning Gel
L'Oréal Paris

L'Oreal Paris Clear Self-Tanning Gel


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I'm not much of a tanner because where I live is a very hot area but I've tried it and it's super easy to use and has a good finish on the skin
I like this but I like the foam stuff better. It gives a bronzer color without being orange at all. Just ensure that you wash your hands after applying it. I didn't use a mit and it wasn't streaky at all.
I ADORE this self tanner! It goes on smooth, and doesn’t have a weird smell like some self tanners do. I also like that it’s not sticky as well! It goes on evenly and lasts at least a week. I definitely would recommend this self tanner!
Does this give an orange color?
I saw this in a Brit + Co article talking about products to get you tan while you sleep. I am just wondering how fast this dries and if it will come off on my sheets or clothes?
A good choice for this summer and look tanned, but a question: stain clothes ??
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