What makes these so special? I have never used one of these, not sure what the hype is about.
Lubbock, TX - il y a 7 mois

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As long as you take care of them properly they last for EVER! Its the one type of pan/skillet that has been around for many many years. They cook differently as well. For instance if you decide to make fried chicken and want a crispy skin or a crunchy batter, this is THE perfect item for you. Also, you can use it on the stove, oven, grill, infrared, and you can take them camping. You can also cook pretty much ANYTHING you can think of in them. They are definitely a great investment. I recommend not getting one that is ceramic coated, just straight cast iron. Best of luck!
il y a 2 mois
I think ppl just love to use cast iron pans. This particular pan is good for baking things or making soups
il y a 7 mois