I've used this a couple.of times and it makes my skin oily? Did this happen to anyone else? Will it get better. It doesn't seem to improve my skin. I've only tried it twice though Liquid Gold
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Hey, I know what you mean, my skin had more of a glow to it than before, but I wouldn't say oily. I definitely noticed that my skin had improved after using this twice a week for over 4-6 weeks. So keep with it! I would also recommend using it on it's own at night, don't use with a moisturiser and you will get better results!
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Hi, it did make my skin kind of oily/dewy, but that’s what I liked about it, as my skin is getting a little drier with age. I would give it a chance, maybe another week or so before you give up on it. One thing I read is use it alone, don’t put anything else on top of it for best results.
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