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LipSense by SeneGence

BY LIPSENSE #6 in Lip Stain

4.4 out of 5 stars
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4.47 / 5 based on 2,074 Reviews

Product Description

LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or color. As the original long-lasting lip color, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! Create your own color palette by combining colors from over 50 shades.

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LipSense by SeneGence
LipSense by SeneGence
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Alyssa H.
247 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
I own several of these lippies ranging from nude to bright red. I have never really worn lipstick before these because I hate how patchy and messy they can get. I also am not likely to reapply during a busy day and so the hype of this product totally spoke to me.

The other reviewers are right-
1. It will tingle/burn on application.
2. It does dry out your lips so you can’t wear it everyday.
3. You have to follow the directions to a T (ex: 3 coats is a must, ex: you can’t go back over a spot or you will get streaking) when you put on your coats it will feel nasty. Don’t let your lips touch until you apply the topcoat.
4. You must have the topcoat on. When it dries, it flakes.
5. It does not come off easily. I can wake up in the same red lips I went to bed in...

This is a high maintenance product.
So why is it so popular if it is so easy to mess up!!?

The answer is simple: because it does exactly what it promises. I love to offer a kiss to my hubby in bright red lip sense lips... he panics a little- but it truly does not transfer and totally stays put.

I notice the lighter colors and colors with shimmer stay longer. I think it is just more obvious when a bright color begins to fade resulting it a patchy color.

My final thoughts:
I actually do really like this product but prefer to wear it to special events when I need something to really last. I also consider this a lip paint more than a lip stain. The product layers on your skin and does not soak into it.
Martha L.
Saint Cloud, MN
161 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
I never wore lipstick before using Lipsense because it was such a hassle, but I have now change my tune. I now wear lipstick, specifically Lipsense, at least 4 times a week! To clear up a few misconceptions here: 
1. Lipsense is a lipstick, is it not a lip stain or gloss. Meaning that you'll get a full color payout. 
2. Lipsense should taste you at least 8 hours, it can last up to 18! If your Lipsense is flaking off far before that 8 hour mark, you're either applying it wrong initially or not following up with enough top coat. 
3. Lipsense burns when you first apply it because your lips are unmoisturized! If you continue to use the product the burning sensation will not happen anymore. Also, during the first or so you using Lipsense you will experience peeling, flaking because your lips are exfoliating all the toxins and layers of crap you've been applying to your lips before. To combat this, gloss often! 
4. This is NOT a finicky or high maintenance product! If you take the 30 seconds to apply it correctly it will last you HOURS. If your Lipsense is not lasting at least 8 hours, reach out and I can help you pinpoint your problem!

With that out of the way, I can continue to tell you about the marvelousness of Lipsense. Lipsense is an all-natural makeup product. (In fact that entire SeneGence company, the parent company for Lipsense is all natural). All of the components of Lipsense are natural. Therefore this product is great for your lips. 

In addition, many lip products use wax or beeswax to make the product easily apply to the skin. THESE ARE TERRIBLE FOR YOUR LIPS. Beeswax does not allowing moisturizes to permeate and actually moisturize your lips. This is why often times you find yourself reapply chapsticks or "moisturizing" lipsticks or glosses often because they aren't actually doing your lips any good. 

As I mentioned before, during the first few weeks of using Lipsense you will experience your lips exfoliating. This is due to the years of harm you've put your lips through. Even by using SeneGence's Lip Balm, you'll be doing your lips wonders. I once experienced a cracked lip from altitude and climate changes and within hours SeneGence Lip Balm had fixed and healed my cracked lips. 

If after the first week or so of using Lipsense you are still experiencing flaking, you're probably applying the product wrong. The application process is very simple. You apply three thin layers of product onto your lips. (What's cool about Lipsense is that you can mix and match to make new colors, so the combinations are truly endless!) Apply your Lipsense all in one direction. Unlike a gloss in which you'll swatch back and forth, you'll apply a thin layer one day and let it dry. Each layer should take about 15 seconds or less to dry. Do not press your lips together, hold your mouth slightly open to make sure your lips do not touch. If your lips do touch the tackiness will cause the color to become patch or to flake off. Once you've applied your three layers (all in the same direction), wait for the Lipsense to dry and then top with your gloss. Gloss is necessary because this is the protective layer for your color. Throughout the day you should not have to apply any additional lip color (unless you eat highly oily foods or experience flaking because you didn't apply enough gloss throughout the day and you're lips are now dry, or a handful of other reasons I listed above.) When you first start wearing Lipsense it will feel like applying gloss is your full-time job for the first few days, but again, but that's because the products you used before were crap and damaged your lips. Even when you are not wearing a lip color, I would still apply the gloss because it's essential (especially during the first week or so, to remoisturize your lips and show them the love they truly deserve). 

The color of Lipsense are unreal! What's interesting about this product is that each shade looks different on everybody! Lipsense is created to work with your body's PH to make the lip colors match your unique lip tone. This is why some colors look drastically different on everywhere. Also, this also means that all colors should look good on everyone! (Lipsense also has a great policy that if for some reason you don't like a color, you can send it back and get a new one.) You can wear nudes, pinks to bright color, reds, blues and purples. You can mix and match to make your own colors as well, or create dupes for similar shades. I personally own about 15 colors and will continue to purchase more. It's a great lip product that if used correctly will give you fabulous results! 

If I'm wearing Lipsense, I'm guaranteed at least a dozen compliments that day on my lip color! 
Ivette S.
14 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
When I first started hearing about this product I scoffed at the price and their claims! I had a few friends selling the products and refused to buy, I left their Facebook business group and didn’t think more of it. I was so skeptical about their claims because every other lip stain I’d tried was super dry and would end up cracking, plus I thought it was expensive. Then one of my good friends who is as picky and skeptical as I am purchased one and recommended it to me, so the next vendor event I attended I asked the vendor if she had any samples. She explained the application process (not hard but YOU MUST follow the application instructions or you’ll be frustrated) and let me try her sample shade with a new wand applicator. It does burn a little (used to it since I use lip plumper) but it goes away quickly. It does smell like alcohol but again as soon as the color dries (quickly) it goes away. You want to take the excess color off the wand and then apply in ONE DIRECTION (not back& forth) Keep your lips apart and then do the other lip. 3-5 layers is what I use. Wait for it to dry before applying each layer. Then apply whichever Lipsense gloss you bought with your kit. THIS TRULY DOES NOT COME OFF unless you use the oops remover. I wear this especially when I know I’m not going to be able to reapply lipstick. If you’re in a hurry to go get out the door I wouldn’t recommend because it takes a couple minutes for the process it’s not a quick swipe and go! $55 for the stain gloss and remover but since it stays until you remove it IT LASTS A LONG TIME! Worth every penny! 
Ashley H.
Big Stone Gap, VA
44 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
I first heard of Lipsense through Facebook with those silly ads of the girls showing you how their lipstick wouldn’t rub off. I thought no way is that possible. Then a girl in my town started selling it (its kind of like Avon- you have to purchase it through a rep) and I ordered a kit from her. It is a bit on the pricey side, $25 for the color $20 for the gloss and I think $10 for the remover (mostly I just use my face wash to remove mine. Neutrogena works well). It does have a strange odor to it when first applying but that smell goes away when the color dries. And it does dry quick within seconds.
I would recommend watching some tutorial videos of how to apply the color bc application can affect how long the color lasts.
I have 2 different glosses now and 7 or so colors.
I have heard and read several people say they don’t like it because it burns, however I did not have this problem and I really think it depends on what kind of shape your lips are in and if you used a lot of chapsticks ( I do not so maybe that is why I never had a problem).

Anyways, this stuff does last a whole work day on me and I’ve noticed some colors do last longer than others. You should definitely try this out if you haven’t yet. It has been so nice to not have to keep applying my lipstick constantly or to keep checking to make sure my lips look ok. I know when I wear Lipsense the color will stay on through eating, drinking, brushing teeth, etc with no worries. Incredible stuff!
Alicesen L.
67 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
Like many of you I've seen endless testimonies and pictures all over social media advertising the magic that is Lipsense by SeneGence. Firstly, I'd like to say that this product is not for everyone. It's also a product that I wouldn't necessarily wear everyday.
1) It's pricey. A starter kit (-Color-Gloss-Remover) costs $55. Each individual color costs $25, each gloss is $20.
2) The application takes some getting used to. By no means is this a apply and go product. It takes some time and some practice. It is true that these lippies last ALL DAY and the color looks amazing even after 8 or more hours of wear. It is also true that it STINGS when you first apply the color. I have 2 go-to shades that I absolutely adore. I wear BluRed (the shade on the right) for special occasions and when I want to go full glam. The shade on the left is Purple Reign and it's such a pretty purple shade that's easy to dress up or down. I recommend looking up YouTube videos to learn the proper way to apply Lipsense. (Yes, there's a right and a wrong way) I think Lipsense is great for special occasions or long work days when applying lipstick over and over just isn't possible. 
Chloey K.
Camp Pendleton, CA
157 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
I bought this from a stand at the Oceanside Farmer'a market. Basically, a festival that is on the street every Thursday and sells everything from soaps, to clothes, to food, to makeup, or even pony rides. I royally talking smack on Lipsense products from the moment that sellers started coming after me on Facebook. I finally tried it, and I was incredibly impressed with the staying power. It is not a gimmick, it will stay on no matter what. It stayed on throughout the food I was eating all night, and next day when I reapplied and ate McDonald's (typically so greasy that it wipes away even the toughest liquid lipsticks) it didn't budge no matter what. However, I did find that it cracked with too many layers of product applied. It was $55 for the starter kit (which includes the lip color, gloss, and remover) so I would absolutely not consider it budget friendly. Alone the colors cost $25 and gloss $20.
So the feeling: the lipstick color tingles and almost burns due to the alcohol in the product. I know that this can't possibly be healthy for the lips. (Some representatives try to tell you that it is exfoliating the build up of old wax products on the lips. I sincerely doubt this, I just think it's damage from putting alcohol on your lips.) The gloss feels very heavy, tacky, and uncomfortable and does need to be reapplied to prevent your lips from completely drying out. It is more finicky and difficult to apply than a regular liquid lip. (I was recommended to only swipe color in one direction and do not swipe again until the current layer dries) I did mess up an application and had to remove it with the oops color remover. I would not recommend to anyone with dry lips, or has sensitive skin. I would recommend this to anyone attending a formal event or even just going out to eat. It passes the kiss test as well.
Applying too many layers
Julie T.
St. Louis
21 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I bought LipSense in Fly Girl along with Glossy Gloss. The first thing you’ll notice is an overwhelming scent and taste of rubbing alcohol. If you can get past that, it applies beautifully...IF you can follow instructions. Three thin layers, dry between each, DO NOT PRESS YOUR LIPS TOGETHER during this process. If you do, it’s all over. The color sticks to itself and flakes off the moment your lips press together until you have the Gloss on. So don’t make that mistake. After that, you can apply the Gloss. You’ll love this part as your lips will be on fire by this time. It wears decent, if you apply exactly as directed and literally reapply the Gloss all day. You’ll notice some breakdown and wear-off along the inside of your lips if you eat oily food or drink lots of coffee. However, be prepared for very dry painful lips after. They say this goes away in time. I gave up after a week of bloody, blistered lips the next day. Every day. Also, be aware the alcohol taste never fades. Never. You’ll taste and smell a slight alcohol smell the entire time you use this product. Chances are you won’t like that...but people you kiss will downright despise it. I think there are much, much better products on the market. I will never, and I mean never, try this product again. Ever.
Emily D.
North East , MD
15 reviews
OH MY GOSH! I currently have 7 colors (berry, plum, strawberry shortcake, Bella, sassy z, roseberry and fly girl) and 2 glosses (glossy and bougainvillea). I dont know where to even begin. Initially I was skeptical about this product because of the tedious application process and the fact that you had to buy not only the color but a gloss too. I was like why couldn’t they combine the 2 formulas? Why can’t I just buy the color? Well let me tell you, IT IS ALL WORTH IT. I recommend watching YouTube videos on tutorials and how to apply but once you master the technique, this stuff is AMAZING. It literally stays for hours. My only complaint is the waterline. It does get gooey around the edges and corners of your mouth, and does require touch up after hours of wear due to waterline fading. There are so many colors and glosses available. This product does initially sting and it does have a different scent but other than that, I would have given it 5 stars. Some colors are a thicker consistency than others and darker colors can be harder to apply evenly without looking patchy. The price point is higher but comparable to brands at Sephora, but well worth it!
Taylor S.
Milton, WV
47 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I got Bella and the Matte gloss for Christmas. I was super skeptical and I’m not all that impressed. If you don’t do all the steps exactly, you do not get the desired results. First off, I hate the feeling of burning when you first put it on. Then if you don’t wait long enough for it all to dry, it gets sticky when you apply a new layer. It gets patchy on my upper lip, but it looks good from afar, so it didn’t bother me too much. The gloss feels good but I use it so much to attempt to not dry out my lips, I’m going through it FAST. Not happy about that at all. Finally it just doesn’t last. If your lips are even the slightest bit chapped or dry, this will flake off and dissolve in patches. I really liked that I didn’t have to worry about transfer or reapplying throughout my workday but by the end it’s not really worth the price. I really love the color but I don’t think it’s worth the hype. I think this is best for a special occasion for the staying power.
Laura R.
Rainsville, AL
103 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
I’m not a fan of this product at all. I fell for all the Facebook live videos of the women doing their “no transfer” tests, but then was really disappointed when I dropped $100 on 4 colors and they turned out to be a disaster. They do stay on all day.. IF you remember to apply your gloss every 10-20 minutes. If you don’t, your lips become a crusty mess and the pigment begins to peel/flake off. The matte colors I purchased apply super patchy (even if I followed all the recommendations: thin layer, let it fully dry between layers, don’t swipe back and forth, etc). Also, I think it’s super weird to have to let your lips go through an “exfoliation” process before the product stops looking like a hot, peeling mess on your mouth. They say it’s to make your lips more healthy, but personally, I think that’s just way too much work for a lip product that you have to keep applying a gloss to throughout the day anyway. I’d much prefer to use a great liquid lip from other brands such as Kat Von D or Smashbox because they last a really long time! I will not be purchasing anymore Lipsense and I would definitively not recommend it to a friend.
Alyssa Y.
148 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
I need a lipstick/lip stain that will NOT COME OFF FOR HOURS. Does this realllyyyy work like people have said?
Amber W.
Independence, MO
26 reviews
SeneGence offers over 60 different colors of LipSense. What is your favorite color?!
Morgan S.
Crystal River, FL
22 reviews
I have been seeing these vidoes showing how lipsense doesnt smudge or come off easily, so I was wondering how do you get it off?
Allison R.
Shawnee, OK
7 reviews
Looking for something long lasting like lipsense without the price. Suggestions?
Amanda C.
518 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
I want to know the truth. Does this burn every time you apply it? For 1...I am aware no one that sells a product wants to admit it burns like fire. For 2-I've never met an alcohol that didn't burn when you rub it on-EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU RUB IT ON. For 3-telling me it's medical grade alcohol is like telling me a banana is organic. At the end of the day, it's still a banana. Clearly I've been worked over with several sales pitches and I'm over it. I just wanna know the truth because it's EXPENSIVE. Seriously. I don't care how long it lasts it's high as a cats back. Lol. Annnnd go!

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