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LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or color. As the original long-lasting lip color, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! Create your own color palette by combining colors from over 50 shades.

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LipSense by SeneGence
LipSense by SeneGence
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  • "I love this product and how long lasting it is.last until i remove it! you just have to follow the instructions, 1 swipe 3 coats top with gloss and you're good to go.moisturize your lips with the gloss before eating and whenever you feel your lips needs moisture and you can go on with the day with kiss/transfer proof, smudge proof and long lasting beautiful colored lips! i also have this product in it!" in 192 reviews
  • "Lipsense is now the only lipstick I wear. What I learned is that it is a series of products that must be used together to keep your lips moisturized. If used alone, it will feel dry and flake off. It is not meant to be used alone, it has to be used with their branded lip gloss. The Lipsense and gloss comes in several colors and it takes about 2 weeks to get your lips accustomed to using it. I can get 14 hours wear out of this lipstick. My lips are never dry or chapped! Hands down my holy grail lipstick! The downside is that it is a multi level marketing company, so you have to know someone who sells it. And no I don't sell the stuff, just a customer and fan!" in 191 reviews
  • "This product is amazing!!! Last all day and I love that you can layer the colors for a custom look!!! I also love that you can change the finish of the lip color by changing the gloss that you use!! Some days I want my red to be matte and other days I want it to be high shine and glossy!!!" in 89 reviews
  • "I've never been one to wear lip color at all or even every day but I've been wearing LipSense daily for four months. I love it! It's smudge proof and kiss proof and I can swim, eat, drink, work out, anything and it stays put. " in 73 reviews
Kayla L.
St. Charles
2 reviews
It works.  It stays on for a long time.  I usually have to reapply darker colors after lunch.  When it starts to fade, it leaves an outline.  So you HAVE to reapply if you don't want to look silly.  I like being able to layer the colors to create new looks.  BUT, I don't have time in the mornings to apply 3 separate layers of color, let each one dry and then the top coat.  I want to be able to use my lip balm in the middle of the day instead of the $20 gloss that I'm supposed to use.  The cost of the product, the time it takes to apply it and the fact that it only lasts half the day... I have long since stopped using it.
Martha L.
Saint Cloud, MN
167 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
I never wore lipstick before using Lipsense because it was such a hassle, but I have now change my tune. I now wear lipstick, specifically Lipsense, at least 4 times a week! To clear up a few misconceptions here: 
1. Lipsense is a lipstick, is it not a lip stain or gloss. Meaning that you'll get a full color payout. 
2. Lipsense should taste you at least 8 hours, it can last up to 18! If your Lipsense is flaking off far before that 8 hour mark, you're either applying it wrong initially or not following up with enough top coat. 
3. Lipsense burns when you first apply it because your lips are unmoisturized! If you continue to use the product the burning sensation will not happen anymore. Also, during the first or so you using Lipsense you will experience peeling, flaking because your lips are exfoliating all the toxins and layers of crap you've been applying to your lips before. To combat this, gloss often! 
4. This is NOT a finicky or high maintenance product! If you take the 30 seconds to apply it correctly it will last you HOURS. If your Lipsense is not lasting at least 8 hours, reach out and I can help you pinpoint your problem!

With that out of the way, I can continue to tell you about the marvelousness of Lipsense. Lipsense is an all-natural makeup product. (In fact that entire SeneGence company, the parent company for Lipsense is all natural). All of the components of Lipsense are natural. Therefore this product is great for your lips. 

In addition, many lip products use wax or beeswax to make the product easily apply to the skin. THESE ARE TERRIBLE FOR YOUR LIPS. Beeswax does not allowing moisturizes to permeate and actually moisturize your lips. This is why often times you find yourself reapply chapsticks or "moisturizing" lipsticks or glosses often because they aren't actually doing your lips any good. 

As I mentioned before, during the first few weeks of using Lipsense you will experience your lips exfoliating. This is due to the years of harm you've put your lips through. Even by using SeneGence's Lip Balm, you'll be doing your lips wonders. I once experienced a cracked lip from altitude and climate changes and within hours SeneGence Lip Balm had fixed and healed my cracked lips. 

If after the first week or so of using Lipsense you are still experiencing flaking, you're probably applying the product wrong. The application process is very simple. You apply three thin layers of product onto your lips. (What's cool about Lipsense is that you can mix and match to make new colors, so the combinations are truly endless!) Apply your Lipsense all in one direction. Unlike a gloss in which you'll swatch back and forth, you'll apply a thin layer one day and let it dry. Each layer should take about 15 seconds or less to dry. Do not press your lips together, hold your mouth slightly open to make sure your lips do not touch. If your lips do touch the tackiness will cause the color to become patch or to flake off. Once you've applied your three layers (all in the same direction), wait for the Lipsense to dry and then top with your gloss. Gloss is necessary because this is the protective layer for your color. Throughout the day you should not have to apply any additional lip color (unless you eat highly oily foods or experience flaking because you didn't apply enough gloss throughout the day and you're lips are now dry, or a handful of other reasons I listed above.) When you first start wearing Lipsense it will feel like applying gloss is your full-time job for the first few days, but again, but that's because the products you used before were crap and damaged your lips. Even when you are not wearing a lip color, I would still apply the gloss because it's essential (especially during the first week or so, to remoisturize your lips and show them the love they truly deserve). 

The color of Lipsense are unreal! What's interesting about this product is that each shade looks different on everybody! Lipsense is created to work with your body's PH to make the lip colors match your unique lip tone. This is why some colors look drastically different on everywhere. Also, this also means that all colors should look good on everyone! (Lipsense also has a great policy that if for some reason you don't like a color, you can send it back and get a new one.) You can wear nudes, pinks to bright color, reds, blues and purples. You can mix and match to make your own colors as well, or create dupes for similar shades. I personally own about 15 colors and will continue to purchase more. It's a great lip product that if used correctly will give you fabulous results! 

If I'm wearing Lipsense, I'm guaranteed at least a dozen compliments that day on my lip color! 
Jayshree S.
Pflugerville, TX
41 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
This is an awesome product! The first time I wore it it lasted 36 hours! I did not reapply the color at all, only the glossy gloss after eating. I usually wear this to church so I don’t have transfer on the sacrament cup, or when going out to eat so I don’t have to worry about getting lipstick on my chin #biglipproblems It’s also a great option for dates or when you plan on kissing since it seriously doesn’t budge. Removal is super easy if you use a bit of Neutogena plain bar soap (the old school glycerin one) on your lips.
_tabeee e.
268 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
I hate this stuff. My cousin lives it and made me try it and OMG it burns your lips, not like a lip plumper but like rubbing alcohol. Because it's alcohol based. It's so drying, they say it's "exfoliating" and I'm like no, it's not it's pure alcohol that's why my lips are peeling. And it's so hard to apply, you can't just slap it on and swipe back and forth line most lip glosses. You can only go one way or else it'll "erase" the color. The stupidest and most redundant pyramid scheme ever. LipSense by SeneGence
Chloey K.
Camp Pendleton , CA
162 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
I bought this from a stand at the Oceanside Farmer'a market. Basically, a festival that is on the street every Thursday and sells everything from soaps, to clothes, to food, to makeup, or even pony rides. I royally talking smack on Lipsense products from the moment that sellers started coming after me on Facebook. I finally tried it, and I was incredibly impressed with the staying power. It is not a gimmick, it will stay on no matter what. It stayed on throughout the food I was eating all night, and next day when I reapplied and ate McDonald's (typically so greasy that it wipes away even the toughest liquid lipsticks) it didn't budge no matter what. However, I did find that it cracked with too many layers of product applied. It was $55 for the starter kit (which includes the lip color, gloss, and remover) so I would absolutely not consider it budget friendly. Alone the colors cost $25 and gloss $20.
So the feeling: the lipstick color tingles and almost burns due to the alcohol in the product. I know that this can't possibly be healthy for the lips. (Some representatives try to tell you that it is exfoliating the build up of old wax products on the lips. I sincerely doubt this, I just think it's damage from putting alcohol on your lips.) The gloss feels very heavy, tacky, and uncomfortable and does need to be reapplied to prevent your lips from completely drying out. It is more finicky and difficult to apply than a regular liquid lip. (I was recommended to only swipe color in one direction and do not swipe again until the current layer dries) I did mess up an application and had to remove it with the oops color remover. I would not recommend to anyone with dry lips, or has sensitive skin. I would recommend this to anyone attending a formal event or even just going out to eat. It passes the kiss test as well.
Applying too many layers
Tara L.
10 reviews
I have several shades of LipSense, and generally I like the product. 
Pros:  Doesn't transfer, long lasting, easily customizable colors (due to the layering).  
Cons:  You must reapply gloss pretty often to keep it from drying and flaking.  Also, if you mess up and accidentally get some color outside of your lip during application, it is difficult to remove.  

I like the Glossy Gloss--it has a thick glossy feel that keeps the color from sticking, and stays put for a reasonable amount of time for a gloss.  However, since the color stays on so long, you need to reapply several times through the day, and it causes you to go through it quickly.  

I am not a fan of the Matte Gloss--it is amazing how it goes on like a gloss, is lightweight, but you still get that matte finish.  That is not something I've experienced with any other gloss.  However, the smooth finish only lasts for what feels like 2 minutes before you're having to reapply!  It's a neat concept, but not worth the money.  

All in all, I think LipSense is a great product if you follow each step correctly and apply gloss throughout the day.  The color stays rich and won't wear off.  
Chelsea W.
22 reviews
Love this stuff so much! Lasts all day and so many different shades and colors to choose from. The only thing I don’t like is if you don’t use it often or use other brands you have to use a lip scrub before you apply the lipsense. Also I put witch hazel on my lips first and let it dry and it helps the color not peel after a few hours. I love how I can kiss my husband and daughter and don’t have to worry about getting lipstick on them which is the best part!
Bethany E.
7 reviews
  LipSense by SeneGence is freaking amazing! I love that all the color options work on so many skin tones. Once you put it on it is ON! Doesn't smudge or leave nasty marks on your drinks. The prices might seem crazy at times but one tube lasts forever!! To top it off my husband is not a fan of kisses with other brands because he thinks they are too sticky or waxy. Never once has he made a comment when I am wearing LipSense. 
Taylor S.
Milton, WV
56 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I got Bella and the Matte gloss for Christmas. I was super skeptical and I’m not all that impressed. If you don’t do all the steps exactly, you do not get the desired results. First off, I hate the feeling of burning when you first put it on. Then if you don’t wait long enough for it all to dry, it gets sticky when you apply a new layer. It gets patchy on my upper lip, but it looks good from afar, so it didn’t bother me too much. The gloss feels good but I use it so much to attempt to not dry out my lips, I’m going through it FAST. Not happy about that at all. Finally it just doesn’t last. If your lips are even the slightest bit chapped or dry, this will flake off and dissolve in patches. I really liked that I didn’t have to worry about transfer or reapplying throughout my workday but by the end it’s not really worth the price. I really love the color but I don’t think it’s worth the hype. I think this is best for a special occasion for the staying power.
Rhonda M.
Charlotte, NC
423 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
I am going through my makeup vanity and getting rid of things I don’t use any longer or that is old enough for me to purge. I tried this product twice. When I say twice I mean two sets. I did not use either all the way up. I was not a fan. I got a free set in a promo package with some leggings I ordered. The color I was sent was Aussie Rose. The second product I bought was called Praline Rose. Aussie Rose formula is thin it goes on nicely but you had to layer it up. At first I didn’t know that you had to shake vigorously the product so the first couple times it transferred through it was patchy and I didn’t like it. I was telling someone about it and they told me I needed to shake it up. Also you had to apply like three to four thin layers each time allowing them to dry in between. Getting the product off also required special remover. Aussie Rose has a little speck of gold glitter to it. When I applied the gloss that is recommended with all the products I started getting tingling and burning right away. I was told it would go away and the reason I was experiencing this was that I use too much lip balm or chap stick. While wearing lipsense products I was told to stay away from the lip balm. Praline Rose has a pink mauve color and I definitely liked it so much better than the Aussie Rose. When I wore Pralibe Rose and the lipgloss I still experienced tingling and burning. I wore these products consistently for several weeks. Now the draw to this is the claim that you are able to eat, drink, kiss, wipe your mouth etc and it does not transfer. I also found that you had to really layer these lipsticks. I didn’t like the packaging. I didn’t like the smells. I didn’t like the tingling or burning sensation. I noticed after a couple of days that my lips felt dry. In fact my Cupid’s bow was dry also. I didn’t apply the lip balms during this as it advised not to. I couldn’t stand it. After a complete six days my lips started chaffing really badly and I parked the lipsticks away in my drawer. I left them alone for probably months. I wanted a long wearing lipstick for a wedding that I attended and I grabbed my Lipsense back out to wear. I found that even after one night of about 8 hours I felt the dryness and chaffing back on my lips. Today I’m throwing these products out. I don’t know if Lipsense is still around and if people are still using it but I’m not. I did not like it. And I would not use again even if I had nothing else to wear on my lips. I think it took about four to five days also when I first started wearing the product for it to work to what they considered full potential. It was something in the handout that said that my lips were to exfoliate from the wax buildup from chapsticks. 🙄 I’m gladly throwing this out today and making room in my pullout drawer for some amazing lip products.
Alyssa Y.
178 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
I need a lipstick/lip stain that will NOT COME OFF FOR HOURS. Does this realllyyyy work like people have said?
Morgan S.
Crystal River, FL
22 reviews
I have been seeing these vidoes showing how lipsense doesnt smudge or come off easily, so I was wondering how do you get it off?
Rhea D.
Fort smith, AR
36 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
LipSense by SeneGence Have you ever used lipsense?
Amber W.
Independence, MO
26 reviews
SeneGence offers over 60 different colors of LipSense. What is your favorite color?!
Allison R.
Shawnee, OK
7 reviews
Looking for something long lasting like lipsense without the price. Suggestions?

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