Did this dry anyone else’s lips out??
Boston, MA - il y a 2 mois

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No. It moisturizes pretty well for me.
il y a 7 jours
Hi! It didn’t at all. It really helped in the dryness of winter :)
il y a 12 jours
If you found this product drying, a different product I've tried and love is 'Neosporin Lip Health'. You can buy it on Amazon (sometimes in drugstores but I usually don't have much luck finding it there). It leaves a white tint so I use a generous amount as a part of my nighttime routine and will also use it during the day if I'm desperate and not going anywhere. As for this Laneige product, personally it's been very hydrating. I'm actually on accutane right now (I think I'm on like month 7 right now) and my lips have been extremelyyyyy dry. Aquaphor, Nivea, all the other recommended products, & my previous holy grail (Neosporin Lip Health) while on these meds initially worked but now are just not cutting it. I had seen a bunch of hype on this product but never actually bought it because of the price and I thought maybe people were over exaggerating. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and my lips were so dry that I was desperate for relief. I bought this product and will not be looking back. It has been so hydrating for me - I use it night and day. During the day it helps me be less self conscious because it hides how dry my lips are and makes them look smooth and beautiful.I say it's worth at least trying if you haven't already. Maybe you can get a sample to try :) Neosporin NEOSPORIN LIP HEALTH® OVERNIGHT RENEWAL THERAPY® LANEIGE LIP SLEEPING MASK Berry 20g / Lip Sleeping Pack / Lip Treatment (Packaging may vary)
il y a 16 jours
No.😳 I love this lip mask and so do my kids.
il y a 16 jours
Yaaasssss. I was so disappointed.
il y a 20 jours
Its the best lip treatment I’ve tried so far!
il y a un mois
Nope. Been using this for years. Love the result
il y a un mois