Did this make anyone’s lips start peeling more during the day after using it at night??Lip Sleeping Mask [Vanilla]
Overland Park - il y a 3 ans

6 answers

Lip Sleeping Mask yes!! this makes my lips peel wayyyy more there’s always skin flaking off during the day and it’s honestly really annoying
il y a un an
Yes, I experience peeling in the day time, is it not good?
il y a 2 ans
Nope. If anything it helps hydrate and smooth the longer you wear it.
il y a 3 ans
I haven't noticed any of that using mine.
il y a 3 ans
I haven't noticed any peeling or little pimples on the lips like others have said. This really makes my lips incredible smooth and soft!
il y a 3 ans
Not at all. Maybe try to use a lip scrub or make a “at home lip scrub” to lift the dry skin and then use the lip mask. Maybe it’s just the dry skin coming off your lips
il y a 3 ans