Does anyone know what I can add to this to make it less bland?
LONG BEACH, CA - il y a 5 ans

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I love all the above answers, if you wanted to add some meaty flavor to it smoke flavor just a few drops really helps.
il y a 3 ans
I would fry with olive oil, onion and garlic to really get the flavours infused while it cooks! You could also add a dash or two of Tamari or soy sauce to deepen the flavours! That’s what I did :)
il y a 3 ans
I use sage, paprika, garlic. Just think of the flavorings that are used in real sausage to inspire what you want this to taste like. Fennel is another great option. Red pepper if you’re going for Spicey Italian sausage...
il y a 4 ans
It depends on what you like. Cayenne, paprika, honey. Try and add some spices, mix it in with some onion and garlic, whatever you like!
il y a 5 ans