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Lemisol  Feminine Wash


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I’ve been looking for a good feminine wash for a long time, it’s really important that you use products that don’t affect your pH balance. This wash is great for that, it keeps you refreshed and odor free. When you apply it you get a tingly sensation like a menthol feeling, it feels really refreshing. One of my hispanic friends recommended this product to me because her family used it for generations and I’m so glad she told me about it! It really removes odor and keeps you feeling clean all day. [product:lemisol-plus-feminine-wash-gentle-daily-cleanser-16oz-6-pack]

Product reviewed: Feminine Wash Plus 16 oz

Ok this is a throwback ! If you’re from the islands (specifically DR & PR) your aunts and your mom probably used this soap. I know most people use honey pot now, but this one also gets the job done and feels like…listerine for your girl. I love how clean you feel after using it and the nostalgia.

Product reviewed: Feminine Wash Plus 16 oz

Love the smell and the feeling of freshness with this wash! I rarely see it in stores so typically I purchase online. Works great.

Product reviewed: Feminine Wash Plus 16 oz

Where can I find this feminine wash ?
How well does this work ?
Why isn’t any everybody using this product this product makes your feminine regions clean feels refreshing feels great and I love itLemisol Feminine Wash
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