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Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword uploaded by Noor J.Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword uploaded by Nurys C.
Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword


4.5 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars71%
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  • 3 Stars10%
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4.58 / 5 based on 224 Reviews

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Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
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  • "It brings a mature element to the story line this time around while switching up the story just enough to bring you something new." in 17 reviews
  • "I really like this game I love role playing games that keep you going back this is one of them a great game for all ages" in 14 reviews
  • "One of the things i liked the best was the graphics to this game and how whimsical it looked compared to Twilight Princess, which was much darker." in 12 reviews
  • "Far more than just the Wii’s last big game, this epic new adventure threatens to not only change the way you think about Zelda but also the whole concept of motion controls.From the nerve-wracking, ghost-filled return to Faron Woods, to some clever time travel puzzles, the game plays with the common Zelda gimmick of twin worlds superimposed over each other in a number of clever and interesting ways." in 7 reviews
Ashleigh M.
169 reviews
Another great Zelda game. This one was released on their 20th anniversary (I think) and there are little details throughout the game that reference past Zelda games. I loved the graphics and story line of the game. My only complaint about the game was traveling on your bird from place to place, it just seemed so much more tedious.
Ericka B.
Brooklyn, NY
98 reviews
Though the controls could use some improvement, the storyline for this game is amazing and the visuals are beautiful, almost watercolor like. This game provides answers to many questions fans had been posing for years and has tons of fun puzzles and dungeons to explore. 
Sidney K.
Surprise Az
104 reviews
Gamer Expert Level 1
So I'm just going to rate this even though I've never played It, I've played every other Zelda game and I've always wanted to play this one but I'm not going to buy another console just to play a Zelda game, which I'll tell you I've done it before. I only use Xbox one now.
Jennifer J.
Fountain, CO
413 reviews
Gamer Expert Level 1
I've played every Legend of Zelda game that has ever been made. I have loved every single one of those games; no exceptions. I have lived and breathed the worlds and know them better than the back of my hand. This is another great and excellent Zelda game that I enjoyed immensely and definitely over-play the hell out of it. If there is a person out there who has yet to experience the Legend of Zelda games... what are you waiting for!!!???
Dana C.
Kalispell, MT
21 reviews
I have always LOVED Legend of Zelda. I was so excited to go out and buy this! The graphics are of high quality, but not as great as they could be, unless of course, Nintendo built the graphics like so on purpose. Great story line with a new bad guy. I mean, I felt incomplete without Ganon, since he has always basically been Link's sworn, mortal enemy. But it was still good, I just felt it might have been a bit better with him.
I thought it was an interesting twist that Link's companion was the sword herself, Fi. I also thought it was exciting that we had the ability to fly because we had our own bird, and Link, of course due to cliche stories, got the ONLY Crimson in existence. I also believe, that though they are a bit older than previous games, this was where the story began, considering all life below the clouds had never existed, besides monsters and robots and Gorons.
I also found it interesting that the main dungeon, was in Skyloft the entire time. You never had to search for the dungeon for the Tri Force and save everyone. It had been where you lived the whole time. The only reason no one was able to access it was because you needed to access certain equipments, of course.
In the story though, at one point, Link should have been made a knight of Skyloft so that the hero would be able to venture out, whether it was day or night, rather than just night. I also found the absolute bad guy, besides Girahim [the main bad guys Sword], Demise reminded me of Ganon.
He is big, has a white scar, on his forehead instead of chest though. He had red hair, but the only difference was that his hair was actual fire. He has discolored skin and a giant nose too! I suppose, since they hadn't used the character, this was Nintendo's way of still somewhat bringing Ganon into the game.
The Silent Realms were scary as hell, but I had to suck it up. Before stepping outside the protective circle, quickly scan the area for the tear that is nearest to you and quickly run for it. Be sure to use a guide to know where the tears are, since you only have a time lapse of 60 seconds before the power of the tear runs out and the guardians come after you. It is very difficult, especially for the last realm. I believe there are 6 realms? Either 4 or 6, I do not remember. They are all required to be completed to receive certain items that allow you to enter certain areas, such as stay underwater, enter volcanoes without exploding, etc.
The only thing I wish Nintendo would change about ALL of their games, is that they should give them an AFTERSTORY. I want to know what happens next and be able to explore it. I don't want to just be saving Zelda over and over and over again, I want to be able to do some of the adventuring with her. On Twilight Princess, Illia finally got her memory back in the end, but there was no after story to be able to do things with her. I was always upset that Nintendo didn't have that feature. On Final Fantasy X-2, you were able to continue the game with some extra story, on Pokemon, HeartGold and SoulSilver especially, but still including all of them (besides the first few games), had after stories and extra quests and new things that became available after the main story was beat. I hope this feature becomes included on the Legend of Zelda when they make their next game.
Monica G.
Bronx, NY
225 reviews
Gamer Expert Level 1
I have to say, this is not my favorite Zelda game. Although I beat it more than once, I wasn't really a fan of the graphics or gameplay. Traveling from the sky to the ground was kind of annoying since you had to use the control. They really tried to implement the motion actions with the remote but after playing for a bit my arm would get tired. You cannot play without the additional motion part added to the wii remote. I see what they were trying to do but I wasn't a huge fan of it. Not a bad game but not my favorite. Could be improved.
Lisa H.
Montgomery, WV
38 reviews
For a game that I hold dear to my heart. I have been a fan of Zelda since, well, we will just say the stone age. I have always been blown away with every new release. Even though I was disappointed in the constant changing of systems with the Zelda franchise, I stuck by their side and bought every new system that was releasing a new Zelda game. For example, I bought the N64 to play Ocarina of Time, and thoroughly enjoyed it and Majora's Mask - I bought the Game Cube when Wind Waker was released (and enjoyed it and Twilight Princess) and bought the DS for Phantom Hour Glass....you get the picture and, of course, bought the Wii for Skyward Sword. However, this time I was not too happy. The controls were horrible and too easy! I watched a documentary wherein Miyamoto advised that he created Skyward Sword on the Wii for his wife because it was easy for her to play! NOOOOOO!! You design it as you have always done for the fan base, not to make it easy to play for your wife. Obviously, she is not a gamer if she cannot learn to be satisfied with beating the boss that took you 3 days to beat or figure out why you cannot scope a mountain because the wind keeps blowing you off the edge. Anyways, enough of my rant. I am hopeful that Miyamoto/Nintendo will get their stuff together and get another great classic made and remind all of us Zelda fans of why we love it so much. Stop with the making of the DS games and get us back on the tube! Skyward Sword is a good game in keeping with the storyline we all love and the hidden puzzles and adventure but it is very easy to figure out and very easy to fly through the game with no frustration. A kid with flailing arms can easily beat a boss.
Emily M.
Nelsonville, OH
357 reviews
I really enjoy this game. It's not a game you will beat in a day or two it takes time and I like that. It's always interesting and every adventure has something new. I have been stuck for awhile on it can't wait to see how it ends
Lina C.
Brooklyn, NY
8 reviews
Full disclosure: I love the Zelda games. I also could not finish this one.

I like the idea of Skyward Sword more than the execution. I don't think it was a bad game, necessarily, just that it doesn't hold to the standard I have for Zelda games. The story and setting are cute. I like the graphics and think they found a nice medium between the cartoon-y Wind Waker style and the more serious Twilight Princess style. There are some things that I found frustrating and distracting. First, the stamina bar. I hate stamina bars. I don't really understand why we need one except to make your life a little harder. Link will run out of stamina from running too long without a break and from climbing up walls(!!). I didn't drop from the very top of a wall (just before I was finished and reached the top) much. BUT WHEN I DID... I wanted to kill whoever decided it was a good idea to put stamina in the game.

My second big problem was the repeated use of one boss. There is a boss fight that you basically have to repeat three times for no good reason, save for the fact that it feels like they wanted to pad the game with boss fights/make it longer. Each time, the boss gets harder and it wasn't cute or fun after the first time. I think they probably should have changed this boss somehow each fight to keep things fresh. Different incarnations would have kept me from putting away the remote.

Basically, Skyward Sword felt a little stale. If you're a Zelda junkie, you're probably going to pick it up. If this is your first time with a Zelda game, I'd recommend you pick up one of the old school games - Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, or any of the GB or GBA games.
Sara S.
Roseville, CA
9 reviews
My husband has an unhealthy obsession with Legend of Zelda. Nearly half of all his t-shirts contain Link or some form of the game. That being said, he finally re-picked up Skyward Sword. It is a pretty solid game - the controls are more befitting for a Wii game (what with using hack and slash moves whilst controlling the wiimote - I daresay my husband can now pretend he is Link for realsies), and the character design is excellent. If you've never played a LoZ game, this is a nice one to start you off on, especially because of the newer game mechanics (like flying) they've implemented. Of course, you get your run-of-the-mill music/characters/feel/items/storyline from the Zelda franchise (which is a plus for most fans), so you won't be missing out. Couple this game with Wind Waker and you've got surefire winners on your hands.

Also - these games are excellent for children and adults alike. Don't let your kid play Black Ops where he or she will not only get violent images in their brains, but if you've got them on the headset, I guarantee they're hearing stuff they darn well shouldn't be. And most are saying stuff they shouldn't be as well... go check on your kids right now in fact...

But seriously, fun for the whole family, good storyline, morality, rupees, and rescuing princesses. Perfect.
Zana W.
Lake Bluff, IL
8 reviews
How long does it take to beat?
Allie T.
41 reviews
How does this Zelda adventure compare to all the others?
Lafeesha S.
San Antonio, TX
68 reviews
Did any one else get the special addition with the golden controller? How well did the controller fare for you?
Alyssa G.
184 reviews
The youtuber Egoraptor has a lot of criticism on this game. What do you guys think about his critique? Is it that bad?
Pam A.
137 reviews

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