I really like this brand of sheet masks but I like to try new things and was wondering if anyone could recommend another brand that does good poor minimizing masks.
W Barnstable, MA - 4 years ago

2 answers

I have issues with pores too and while I do like Leaders the best I have found a few other brands work well also. Ariul makes good ones, I buy them from Memebox for around $1.50/mask. My Beauty Diary is another great brand you can find on eBay and Amazon. Naruko can be found on eBay and Amazon, their Snail mask is great and also the Oriental Tea type. And if you can find any Naisture at TJ Maxx or Marshall's they are fabulous and only $5 for a box of 5!
3 years ago
Karuna and Ariul. You can find Karuna in Ulta, but Ariul is found online.
4 years ago