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What do you think of this perfume? Is it worth it?
What’s a good dupe for this?
Is this worth the price? I really like the smell, but it’s pricey.
What does this perfume smell like?
Are Le Labo products worth the money?
I am super interested in purchasing this perfume!! How long does it last? Would you say it is a good year round perfume? What about the price point, is it justified?
Is there any other perfume from le Labo that is worth exploring ? I have dreamed of buying Santal but I smell it everywhere nowadays.
For those who understand the perfume better than me, how do you store your Le Labo perfume? The website suggest that store in the fridge if you plan to sit it for a while, so if I do use it daily can I put it in the fridge as well? Will the smell be different?
How does this compare with the traditional Santal 33 scent from Le Labo? I loved that one so am interested to try this!
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