LAY'S® Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips

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4.57 / 5 star rating
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5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
i love these so much. i love anything pickle flavored. it has a slight hint of pickle so it not too strong. the texture is the same as a lays original chip, crunchy and smooth. they are very addicting very hard to put the bag down
2.00 / 5 star rating
2 / 5
I was expecting something like fried pickles, instead what I got was Lay's if it was dipped in pickle juice. The pickle flavor is there, but it's weird. It reminds me of a disappointing sea salt and vinegar chip except less vinegar-y and no sea salt. I should have just gotten that. Oh well, never again.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
I absolutely LOVE these chips! They have the perfect pickle flavor that I love! They are light, airy and crunchy! I am obsessed and will continue to eat them again and again!