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Laura Geller Baked Balance-n-Glow Illuminating Foundation

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This comes in a black, plastic compact. It has a mirror inside. It’s tiny since it’s only half of the lid, but it’ll work in a pinch if needed. This is a baked, marbleized formula that’s handmade in Italy where it stars off as a cream and then is baked for 24 hours. With marbled formulas with multiple shades mixed in, no 2 are going to look exactly the same - depending how they’re mixed, they’ll look slightly different (swirls in different places, shades mixed in slightly differently). Of course, they’re going to look the same for the most part when applied on the skin, especially when it comes to a foundation shade. Like with most baked formulas, this has a dry even kind of dusty/powdery feel to it when touched with some kickup in the pan, but it applies nice and smooth on the skin without looking dry or powdery on the skin. I prefer liquids/creams because my skin is on the dry side, especially when it’s colder out. But, there’s quite a few baked formulas that I enjoy because they melt into the skin similar to creams. Of other products I’ve tried, Laura Geller does amazing baked products! Even with my dry skin, Laura Geller Powder Foundations work amazing! I got this Baked Balance-N-Glow Foundation in shade “Porcelain.” It works perfect for my very fair, very cool toned skin. It is described as being for fair skin with rosy undertones, and I definitely agree with that. It has some pink swirls in it, which might be why it works so well for my cool skin. There’s not a lot of foundations that are fair enough for me but also cool enough for my very cool toned skin. This one is one of the few that’s a perfect match! I previously got the Baked Balance-N-Brighten Foundation in shade the shade “Fair,” which doesn’t work as well for me as the shade “Porcelain.” “Fair” is described as being for fair skin with neutral undertones. It doesn’t have the pink swirls in it. On me, it’s much more yellow toned. I show a picture of the 2 next to each other along with swatches of the 2 shades to compare. Hopefully you can tell how the “Porcelain” shade of this Balance-N-Glow Foundation is much more cooler (pink toned) vs the Balance-N-Brighten Foundation, which looks darker and much warmer (yellow toned) in comparison (on my very cool toned skin). This claims to give light to medium coverage. I’d agree with that. I have dry skin that’s extremely dry in the winter and more normal leaning dry in the summer. Usually powder foundations don’t work too well for me. They’ll look dry/powdery on me, cling to dry patches, make areas look dry that didn’t look dry before applying the foundation. So, I usually stay away from them. I don’t know what magic Laura Geller does with the powders in general, but especially with the powder foundations because they just look so nice and smooth and not dry/powdery at all! Doesn’t cling to dry areas. My skin never looks dry with this on! Even when I build it up, it still doesn’t look dry/powdery, no flaky areas. Doesn’t emphasize texture or fine lines. Just nice, smooth coverage! It lasts well throughout the day. It doesn’t start looking dry even as the day goes on. It looks good all day! I’ve worn this in the summer when my skin is more normal leaning dry and it worked great AND in the winter when my skin is extremely dry and it still worked great! As for the finish - they described it as a satin finish. I would have described it as more natural - not glowy but not matte. But now that I’ve also tried the Baked Balance-N-Brighten Foundation, which they described as having a natural finish, I can see how this is described as a satin. Compared to the Balance-N-Brighten Foundation, this is more of a satin - VERY subtle glow to the skin. Gives the skin a healthy look that isn’t flat matte, but also isn’t glowy/dewy looking. I wouldn’t think with my dry skin that a powder foundation could give my skin such a healthy look to the skin that isn’t dry/powdery looking, especially in the winter when my skin is driest. I thought they’d always look matte. But not Laura Geller’s!! I seriously don’t know how the brand does it, but it’s the best powder foundation I’ve ever tried! It’s something easy to put on for no makeup, makeup days where I don’t want a lot of coverage, but want to even out my skin tone some. It also can be built up to get some more coverage on days I want a full face of makeup. It also works well as a kind of setting powder over a sheer to light coverage liquid foundation to get more coverage and give my skin that very subtle glow or with concealer where I apply concealer to certain areas for more coverage and then apply this over the entire face to get a little more coverage with that very subtle glow. It doesn’t look heavy or cakey when used that way and only applying a thin layer. It’s definitely versatile in the different ways I can use it!
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4 / 5
I was surprised at the coverage of this foundation. It gave a pretty medium coverage but felt very lightweight on my skin. The only drawback was it made my skin look a bit dry and I needed a highlighter on top. Otherwise I really liked this product! The shade matched well to my skin tone and went on easily.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
I was a loyal bare minerals gal for years. LG popped up on my Amazon. Thought I’d try based on reviews! The reviews were right. Amazing product, goes on so smooth, good coverage. I don’t need a super heavy coverage, this is perfect. Quality is top notch. They have gorgeous colors for many skin tones. The price is great and it lasts me awhile. The blush is equally gorgeous.