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I don't have any pictures as I stopped using her years ago, once I switched to a generic. The product works wonderfully you will have beautiful long full lashes that will fall out once you stopped uding the product. It is still recommended to take breaks. Now, i switched to generics as they perform exactly the same, just cost two three times less.
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I had a few eyelashes get torn out from using an eyelash curler so I needed something to help with growth. I decided to try Latisse. I’ve been diligently applying every night and I’ve never had longer or fuller eyelashes. It is kind of pricey but it is worth every penny to me.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
This stuff actually works. It’s pricey so I switched to Careprost ❤️, and have saved money. I'm so thankful I found 'Getlash247' 😀 in Google and got Careprost with promo code. It's the same as Latisse (great quality generic), but a way cheaper. It takes some time and consistency but over the last 2 months or so I’ve noticed a significant difference in the length of my lashes. I did switch to a thinner brush to make more use out of the product though.


111 Questions
Kelly N.
Does anyone else feel like they arent getting any liquid on their lashes when they use the supplied applicators?
Victoria G.
What was your experience with Latisse like? Did you have any bad reactions?
Elisa J.
I need lash help. Latisse is too irritating to me. I can’t use it, and I don’t love wearing lashes. On soc media ads, Scorolash mascara/ Scorolush serum is luring me. Has anyone on Influenster ever used it, liked the results?
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