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Lash Power Mascara


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This is the best tubing mascara I have ever tried, and I have tried almost all of them on the market. I have worn this for over 10 years. No flaking and it removes easily. I have turned so many people around me on to this mascara and they still use it too! [product:lash-power-mascara]
I've tried many mascaras and always go back to this one! Clinique is always consistent and the mascara lasts for a long time.
Ho provato questo mascara perché ho occhi molto sensibili e devo dire che è un mascara che rimane leggero senza appesantire gli occhi. Consigliato a chi ha occhi sensibili.
Anyone know other tubing mascaras? Looking for mascara that doesn't give you raccoon eyes. I currently use Clinique lash power, but looking for other kinds. clinique-lash-powertm-mascara-long-wearing-formula
It this mascara hard to come off?
I have been looking for a mascara like this in jet black, where can I find that?
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