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Question by Sheila L.
Does this actually work? Does it make you go blind?! I’ve heard horror stories but I’m sure it’s not all bad.
Murfreesboro, TN - il y a 2 ans

1 answer

I had nothing but positive results. I’ve gone through two tubes and had no issues. It 100% worked for me. I used it every night for the first two months then started using it less frequently, every other day then down to twice a week. I purchased a second tube about six months after I finished my first, as I started noticing my lashes going back to how they were. Just apply carefully, a little goes a long way. I only applied on the top lashes. My lashes got super long! Deff worked and I had longer lashes with no irritation whatsoever. This company also offers returns if you are not satisfied. It’s a pricy product, but I believe you get what you pay for.
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