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How does this compare to glossier balm?
Hello everyone, I'm trying to pick a variety of lanolips to try and I have very dry lips, just wondering if there is a specific type that anyone would recommend in particular? (Of the clear balms). Sorry for cross-posting, I'm just hoping to find someone who has tried a couple of them! Thank you for any help!
What's it for, or just to use?
Is this clear or does it have a tint to it?
does a color show up? and if so. how much color pops...i want a nice tint at least
Is this really worth all the hype? Is it any different than the Bite treatment? I have super-dry lips and I need something that's going to get the job done.
is it a normal lip balm or does it help you with something?
I Have*****SEVERE***** DRY *****MATURE***** Lips...WILL YOUR Product HELP To MOISTURIZE...WITHOUT The Tacky Feel?? THANK YOU ❤
Does this actually moisturize your lips. I have very sensitive lips and I would like to know if this actually works on lips. Does it also take off dead skin from your lips ?
What is your experience with this product?