I really liked how this made my skin look after using samples for one week. Is it worth the high retail price or would you recommend something else? I actually enjoyed the tingling sensation on my skin after applying.
Burke, VA - il y a 6 ans

3 answers

I'm not sure where I found the website but you can actually order 2 weeks of free samples from Loreal for their version of this. Loreal is made my Lancome so I'm guessing theyre pretty similar. It also comes with a $2 coupon for a jar of the Loreal cream. I loved the Lancome samples also but really can't justify spending that much on it when there's something cheaper that may work as well.
il y a 5 ans
It's deffinetly worth the price I repurchased after trying a sample and never looked back
il y a 5 ans
It is worth the price, i've been using this for almost a year and i love what it does for my skin.
il y a 6 ans