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Lancome La vie est belle Shower Gel

Lancome La vie est belle Shower Gel


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Today I am reviewing a product that extends the trail of La Vie Est Belle, one of my favorite scents from Lancôme. I received this product as part of a free gift with purchase. This shower gel comes to me in the form of a discovery sized tube, with the La Vie Est Belle name beautifully printed on the center. Within, an amber liquid can be seen - holding the warm glow that matches the olfactory persona of the perfume that inspired it. La Vie Est Belle is a delicious gourmand with an emphasis on gorgeous notes of Iris intermingled with Patchouli at its core and radiating with the warmth of a vanilla base. The real, full-sized bottle that I am seeing on the website actually looks quite luxurious. You can see the crystal smile detailing across the face of the bottle, and a sleek silver cap at the top. I was not super attracted to the look of this shower gel, as it admittedly has a bit of a murky amber hue. I think the bottle does a better job of aesthetically housing the formula than my sample, but that only takes away from the cosmetic aspect of storage/display. As far as the product itself, I was absolutely delighted when I lathered this across my arms under the warm water. There is an incredibly satisfying lather with this shower gel that forms quite rapidly as you massage it along your wet skin. The smell truly comes to life with the lather - most especially the warmth of the vanilla gourmand. Lancôme does a masterful job of balancing sugary sweet with sophisticated florals, so that you can smell like a sugary dream without the tacky, artificial smell of a more juvenile fragrance. The fragrance revealed exudes the delectable, caramelized sugary sweetness of a divine feminine spirit. My skin feels so soft and, perhaps equally as important, smells like a delicious fondant dream. I think I will get over the fact that the formula itself looks kind of murky as displayed in the tube, because it smells downright delicious. You will enjoy adding this to your shower ritual!
This is my favorite shower gel which is not a surprise since La vie est belle is my current fragrance obsession. Good lather and it fills the bathroom with beautiful smelling steam and the scent does linger on the skin after the shower and goes wonderfully with the matching fragrances.
Haaands down, I loooove la vie belle smell and so as this shower gel is also perfect it is not like the other typical shower gels, and smell goes a long for a long time, i will definitely buy this one just a bigger one.
I’m a shower person, just love lancome-la-vie-est-belle-invigorating-fragrance-shower-gel-65. Are you a shower or bath person?
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