Lancome La Vie est Belle Set
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5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
Edte perfume ami realmente me encanta huele delicioso aparte que dura el olor por mucho tiempo
4.00 / 5 star rating
4 / 5
Lancome has great scents however for ME.. I think is too light.. first time tryingit and I love the scent though. If only was a bit stronger for my taste. The price is accessible and I do recommend you to give it a try. Don't get stuck on only one scent. #lancome.
2.00 / 5 star rating
2 / 5
A fragrance that has me torn. I finally jumped on the LVEB bandwagon . I desired something sweet , with patchouli . Hopefully a good amount of patch. I've read, and watched many reviews. Of course , a well known YouTuber called this one of the sexiest frags on a woman . I've heard it called a beast. 馃槼馃槷 which is fine , I love strength in statement of a fragrance . I am below a half 100 ml of my Coco Mad , considered Coco Mad Intense , but took the chance on LVEB instead Well , here goes... First spritz brought me an orange blossom, patchouli , pear blast , along with tasty scent of praline . Ooo yeah all smiles ! Not far behind it juicy black currant , and no denying an amazing sexy Jasmine, and an almond like Tonka. All fresh with herbal , all super sweet creamy candy , and sweet floral in their own right . The " beast " reference in mind , I didn't want to overspray and choke my husband out , though he rarely complains - on the contrary he's used to it , and most always compliments. The scent quickly calmed down. No more patchouli , no more bouquet of white floral . So spray spray again . Dress and twirl in a cloud . Apply to wrists , apply to neckline of top. Oh glorious ! For a few minutes . Later , only a mere tiny whisper of a sweet Tonka and iris powder . It's like the tops , middle, and bottom notes all made an appearance without going through the journey and changes of dry down phases. Applied for a few more days . Not even the warmth of movement and activity , or from being under blankets brought the scent to anything more than a close to the skin scent. So close , I had to stick my face into my top an inhale very deeply. Only then could I detect a small amount of sharpness under the wisp of powder. In those days , and this very day , no comments from my husband . I know I cannot be that I'm anosmic. Maybe it's my atmosphere ? I wonder if it has changed , a reformulation from what I've heard , an entirely different , more recent batch ? I have no issue with any of my other perfumes except Poison Girl on longevity . I purchased the set from ULTA , I am hip on counterfeits so I know it's not a fake . Hmm or my skin drinks it up. I will continue to use , with hopes it performs better depending on season , where abouts. I am thinking of layering with Coco Mad for time being . [product:lancome-la-vie-est-belle-set]